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Voren Skyglow

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Voren Skyglow
RaceHuman, Vantha
Date of birth474 AV (aged 49)
Place of birthAlvadas
TitleProprietor of The Tattered Thread

Voren is the owner, head tailor, and front man of the The Tattered Thread. He is a man of medium height and solid build. His face is round and welcoming and his eyes crinkle at the edges when he smiles. Black hair is parted neatly to the side. Voren is a Vantha through and through. He is an avid storyteller and will rarely miss an opportunity to recount an exciting tale to a customer. Despite his passion for his craft and life in general, Voren remains a reasonable man. He enjoys bargaining and has been known to lower prices for those who cannot afford certain items.


Voren moved to Alvadas from Avanthal when he was still a boy, traveling with his parents. Even though he grew up in the City of Illusions, Voren holds Avanthal in high regard in keeps in contact with fellow tailors and store owners there. He had bought the Tattered Thread with the money his father left him upon his death and turned it into a thriving, well-known business..