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Vuld Shaik

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Image:Scroll2.png "I always wanted to be a wizard. I mean it. I wanted to be a wizard. I wanted to change the world with the power of my magic formulas! I wanted to be a hero. I wanted to be special. I probably just wanted someone to take notice of me. I was just a fool with a dream. Now the dream is gone, but the fool is still here. Will you listen to a fool?"
- "Magic and I", introduction
Vuld Shaik
Date of birth51 BV
Place of birthTreval, Alahea
Date of death0 AV (aged 51)
Place of deathSuva
TitleThe Arcane Chronicler

Vuld Shaik was a Human writer and wizard who lived before the Valterrian. While a mediocre wizard at best, he was a prolific and skilled writer, best known for his unsettling autobiography "Magic and I", wherein he narrated the nightmarish training practices of wizards in Alahea and his disillusioned viewpoint on magic. He produced over two hundred books and pamphlets, most of which are now lost. He was in Suva at the time of the Valterrian, wishing to chronicle the wedding of Queen Kova and Emperor Galifer Odalah, and as such died almost immediately.

Shaik's writings are a great source of information on pre-Valterrian life. If more of his writings were discovered, it is likely that many secrets would be unveiled. Treasure hunters are always on the lookout for unpublished manuscripts surviving the test of time.