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Wanolo Baboon

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Wanolo Baboon
Falyndar Fauna
Threat levelMinimum
Major featuresLong white fur, distinctive facial patterning
AbilitiesSkittish, easily agitated
Most common inrainforests of Jungle Wilds


Covering the backs of these vibrant blue primates is a thick layer of long, white fur. Their faces are relatively small with significantly large mouths and eyes, which appear almost bugged when agitated. A long line of red runs from their cheek bones, over the bridge of their nose, and down from the area just above their temples. On average they weight about 30 kg and stand as high as 55 cm. These monkeys have no tails.

Their diets include mostly fruits and nuts that grow high in the trees out of reach of potential predators. These monkeys almost never leave the safety of the canopy, and very rarely would dare climb as low as the understory.

The Wanolo Baboon is extremely reclusive and wary of anything outside its own species. They're fairly easy to startle, and even the slightest disturbance can send an entire troop into a panic. Threats are treated with great hostility, which are often met with screeching, bugged eyes, and incisors exposed. They will avoid direct face to face conflict at all costs and remain distant. Any who are foolish enough to catch their attention, however, will receive a monsoon of fruit hurled down upon them.

Social Structure

The Wanolo Baboons live and travel in troops ranging between fifteen and twenty baboons. They are usually led by two or three dominant primates, male or female, who constantly battle for supremacy. Their families are close knit and young are protected by the entire troop. These monkeys do not mate for life.