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Weisur Twilight

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Weisur Twilight
Date of birth473 AV (aged 50)
Place of birthLhavit
TitlePatriarch of the Twilight Family


The first son of the former Patriarch, Weisur, or Wei, is considered a prodigy among his family. He was taught morphing by his father, Vaito Twilight, for more than 20 years. Coddled and pampered, praised for his skills and his talent. Only when his father's health began to fail unexpectedly did Weisur begin to take his position seriously. He understood his responsibilities, and promised his father on his death bed, torn by Vaito's lack of self-identity that he would succeed him and bring the Twilight family honor. To this day, he has overseen the teachings of Morphing in the Twilight Estate and leads his family proudly. He is, by far, the youngest Patriarch to date.


Weisur can be adequately described as incredibly callous. He sees himself and his family above all others, and tends to look down on Aisha and Shimobe with disapproval. He is strict in his teachings, on the rare occasions he takes a prospective student under his wing, and does not tolerate repeated mistakes. Some might call him arrogant and aloof, but he is sophisticated, speaking with only the most formal manner possible, and knows his own level of expertise. He is also known to be a great instructor for morphers seeking a master, and although it might take a lot of effort to persuade him, it pays off in the end.


Weisur stands at an even 5'9" and sports long dark hair that falls midway down his back. He is always dressed prim, and proper, with the robes of the Twilight family, red-orange and varying shades of blue being his primary color choices. His eyes are a rich violet, and his skin is a pale olive, paler than most, due to the fact that he rarely leaves the sanctity of his abode for more than a few hours.