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Why Play Mizahar

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Why play Mizahar? This page contains a number of reasons why. Disclaimer: some are more serious than others - you be the judge. We are always looking for more reasons to add to this list!

Why play Mizahar?

  • It's a true roleplaying game. There's more to a character than four arrow keys, jump and slash.
  • You can't play this game for long and not make friends. It's almost automatic.
  • We have heard countless reports from students whose grades in writing courses went up, sometimes drastically, by playing games like Mizahar.
  • Not a native English speaker? This editor isn't, either. Mizahar is a great way to practice your English and improve your language and vocabulary skills while having fun.
  • We won't claim that Mizahar will give you the writing skills you need to become a published author because that'd be silly. You will encounter a refreshing variety of styles and voices, though, and you can practice your own and ask for criticism.
  • Certified 100% Elf-free. Ethaefal are cooler, anyways.
  • Experience a different, non-Tolkienesque perspective on fantasy. Most fantasy worlds borrow heavily from Celtic and Christian traditions; we explore different influences ranging from Greek to Eastern and Ancient Egyptian, among others. See Theme and Creative Manifesto.
  • A wizard didn't do it! Our Magic Makes Senseā„¢.
  • If you have a concept that you'd like to implement in Mizahar, we can develop it together.
  • We love animals. Which is obviously a splendid reason to play Mizahar.
  • Our ruleset is designed for minimum hassle but maximum effectiveness against god-modding and other bad roleplaying practices.
  • Unlike most sites, you don't have to get your character approved before you start playing. We'll just give you a gentle nudge if you make a glaring mistake, but you can start right away. We won't ever judge or cast votes on your character concept. Your character is yours alone.
  • We totally love people who read all the way to the bottom of a list. You can return the love by joining!