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Willam Ovechse

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Willam Ovechse
Date of birth475 AV (aged 48)
Place of birthNyka
TitleOwner of the Bloody Hunter
Wilderness Survival63


Willam is, above all, a godly man. A devout member of the Second Edict, he prays to all major benevolent gods and rightfully fears the rest. When he makes a kill, he pledges it to Dira and thanks Caiyha for her sacrifice; he speaks to Nysel before he sleeps and wakes with prayers to Lhex for his prosperity. Some might call him distant, trapped in his own thoughts as he tries to explain the intricacies of his craft, but when he does find his words he is surpassingly eloquent—at least, in the terms of hunting and travelling. He is happy to oblige any curious mind and is even patient with slow learners, though he insists on obedience in the dangers of the wilds. Neither will he tolerate any ill-spoken word toward any divinity or authority.


Raised primarily by his father, Willam was one of the rare shadow children born to a female monk. His father was a blacksmith at the Sharp Blade Headquarters and a member of the Second Edict, instilling in him a profound respect for the greater divinities. He taught his son some of what he knew, but he died when Willam was too young to have used it as a means of living. With a mother who could not exactly take him under her wing, he managed to apprentice himself with a city-employed hunter instead. Rand Sojourn was kind enough, but he was reckless and a cynic; when he did not return one evening from a hunt, Willam could only guess that Dira had taken him. So he turned his master’s workshop into a proper store, and has been sharing his trade ever since.