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Image:Scroll2.png "Zopper [1] proves that there are exactly 2080 inhabitable worlds. Ivanoff [2] proves that there are 111,111 worlds. Later research by Admanios [3,4] proves that both Zopper and Ivanoff are correct. In this paper, we prove that Zopper, Ivanoff and Admanios are all mistaken."
- Technical note circulated on Sahova

See Category:Worlds for a list of Worlds.

A world is the word meaning a planet in the universe of Mizahar (though planet is used as well, in educated circles). While World geography is a foggy field at best, they are usually divided into High worlds and Low worlds depending on whether alien denizens of those worlds prefer their home worlds to Mizahar or not.

The worlds seem to be linked somehow, as if they were all part of the same original whole. Some creatures, especially those from High worlds, have inherent worldjumping abilities that exploit these links. Sometimes rifts open spontaneously as part of normal planetar activity; this is one possible origin of Relic monsters on Mizahar. In other cases, a god grants travel from one world to another, which is most likely the way Humans came to Mizahar. Worlds can also be accessed through Summoning, under very specific conditions. For example, the Summoner needs to know that world's astral coordinates in order to establish a connection. These coordinates are sometimes known by natives of that world, or can be reconstructed from the corpse of native creatures using sophisticated rituals. Before the Valterrian, astral coordinates were also sometimes found out theoretically by scholars of Astronomy, though the lore for doing so has mostly faded out of the world and is extremely rare nowadays.

Worlds are incredibly diverse; some are almost empty and hostile, others are teeming with life and color. Among all the Worlds, however, Mizahar is special and unique. There are several properties that make this world unlike any other, and the only one the gods are actually interested in:

  • Mizahar is the only world where a multitude of advanced races manage to coexist without contradiction;
  • Mizahar is the only world in which a multitude of Djed forms are practiced in a stable form;
  • Mizahar is the only world with a true, ambitious civilization as opposed to a number of loosely organized creatures;
  • Mizahar is the only world without usable astral coordinates, meaning that Summoners elsewhere in the universe cannot open portals to Summon people out of Mizahar.

These features have made many scholars suppose that there is an unknown higher purpose to Mizahar's existence, though no-one has been able to better define it.

Worlds and their relationships

Contact between the worlds is very scarce. The reason for it is quite simple; most worlds are utterly incompatible with one another, both socially and biologically; widespread contact would be disastrous. Permanent portals are extremely difficult for mortals to build, as the worlds' relative positions change quickly over time. Once a link is established, it can only be maintained for seconds or minutes before it needs to be reopened. This would require a Summoner attending the portal at all times, or a very advanced magical intelligence doing the same. Also, portals easily run out of power when too much matter crosses them; this limits the amount of creatures that can pass through.

Still, many of these worlds have received enough visits from Mizaharians that they know about them. In some Low Worlds the local inhabitants study the common tongue in hopes of being selected as Familiars for wizards from Mizahar. In some High Worlds, the locals do the same in order to promote their own agenda with the people of Mizahar. This is as close as to a standard worldtongue as the universe can get.

Master Summoners can perform reverse Summoning and take themselves or others to a different world. This made it possible to begin a small-scale exploration of other worlds that were not too hostile to mankind. It is known that Alahea had a fledgling world colonization program that Emperor Kovinus nipped in the bud because of budget constraints. A few outposts were built in neighboring worlds over the first century BV. The purpose of this program was two-fold; on the one hand, to seek new creature types for use in the war against Suvan (despite the official ban on Summoned creatures in the war). On the other hand, to find new worlds that might not be directly accessible from Mizahar. The fate of these outposts after the Valterrian is unknown since they could not open a Summoning portal from their side, and there was no-one left to do so on Mizahar.

Worlds in Mizaharian culture

To the average Mizaharian, there is one world, and it is the one he is living in. In a land still heated by racial tensions, it is only natural that entirely different species from alien worlds would be difficult to tolerate. Summoners have a bad reputation, and before the Valterrian there were factions devoted to the extermination of any and all Summoned creatures. It is said that the ancient Protohuman city of Nykalia was leveled by Summoned beings gotten out of control, which led to strict regulation of this particular world magic throughout Mizahar. In post-Valterrian society, Summoners enjoy much more freedom, which has caused an increase in the number of incidents related to this craft. The average person will view even a Familiar - decidedly something on the more harmless side of the spectrum - with a degree of suspicion.