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Wrestling is a form of physical combat that focuses on close-quarter fighting. It usually involves two people striving to get an advantage over, or control of, the other. Physical techniques used include, clinching, holding, locking, application of leverage and takedowns. It is often considered more of a sport than actual combat although the techniques learned in wrestling are often quite valuable when combined with hand-to-hand combat training.


The sport of wrestling was first developed by the Isur in the time before the Valterrian. Although not a militaristic race, the Isur pride themselves on strength which brought about the creation of wrestling as a test of strength. A match between two Isur could last hours with each individual employing nearly every muscle in their body against the other. The goal of the match is to pin one's opponent on their back. In Isurian culture, a wrestling match is a very important event and is often used to settle personal disputes. Although a match is usually between two males or two females, is it not unheard of for mixed-gender matches to occur, at least in Isurian society. Over the centuries since its foundation, the knowledge of the techniques involved in the sport have spread throughout Mizahar. While not taken as seriously among non-Isurian, wrestling still plays a role in sporting events as well as part of basic military training in some cultures.

Prerequisite & Maintenance

Learning the techniques involved in wrestling is possible for pretty much anyone and the training is all about repetition and style. Every wrestler has their own style of wrestling even if they all learn the same basic techniques. The only real requirement is that a person be in good physical condition and maintain that level of conditioning in order to achieve the maximum potential in all aspects of the sport. Although strength is very important as is size, agility and skill can more than make up for a lack of physical power. Failing to maintain one's physical conditioning can lead to a severe loss of endurance which no amount of skill, strength or agility can counter. If one cannot function long enough in a match to exercise their talents or abilities due to exhaustion, they will most surely lose.

Skill progression

Novice (1-25)
Novice wrestlers are focused primarily on physical conditioning although pick-up on a few of the basic techniques as well. A novice learns and continues to develop basic techniques such as their solid stance, continued movement, simple take downs and escapes, knowledge and use of basic pressure points and basic concepts of leverage and how to use it as an advantage. Their overall movement and style is calculated and slow at first, progressively growing in speed and fluidity as they grow.
Competent (26-50)
Competent wrestlers are quite capable of holding their own in a match. They continue to focus on physical conditioning however they also work on more advanced techniques including using their legs as well as their arms to overcome an opponent. They learn and continue to develop more advanced techniques including more advanced take-down methods and use of pressure points to impart excruciating yet temporary pain in order to exhaust an opponent both physically and mentally. Their movement and style become quicker and less thought-out and are more fluid and instinctual.
Expert (51-75)
Experts in the sport of wrestling are indeed champions at what they do. Even at this stage, they continue their physical conditioning which at this point has reached an amazing level. Depending on the individual, their agility and/or strength is superb and their ability to wrestling for lengthy periods of time is great. They begin to develop their own signature styles and techniques and are highly proficient in using every part of their body to overcome their opponents. Knowledge of pressure points is extensive as is their ability to use them to their advantage. Complex moves including take-downs, escapes and submissions holds are almost as easy as breathing and few can match up against a wrestler of this caliber.
Master (76-100)
The wrestling master is not only a champion of champions but also a leader and teacher. With unsurpassed physical conditioning and disciplined minds, the master is a force to be reckoned with. They have perfected all of the basic and intermediate techniques as well as their own special methods and styles. Their endurance is unmatched. Their movement and technique flows smooth and perfect as their mind is one with their body. Although their styles are varied and quite unique, a master often needs only use one of their perfected submission holds to eliminate their opponent's will to continue a match. Such a move takes but a second or two and can often leave an opponent permanently crippled if the master so desires. For example, an otherwise simple choke hold could send piercing blades of pain throughout an opponent's body, crushing their will and leaving them at the mercy of the master. In fact, the skill and endurance of a master is so great that they are capable of wrestling for hours on end without exhaustion. Thus even if an opponent were able to avoid the master's attack, they wouldn't be able to outlast him.