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The Stygian Serpent
RaceDhani, Viper
Date of birth406 AV (aged 117)
Place of birthAlvadas
Various Others1-30


Physical description

Xen possesses brown skin and a slim, partially muscular build; he has black hair but most of his hair has become a hoary color. Xen has deep amethyst colored eyes with a white circle surrounding his dark-black pupils. Xen's hands and feet are clawed with the bottom of his feet being thick and rough from him walking on the jungle floor. He wears a black robe on occasion with long sleeves and high-neck collar that conceals his clawed hands and neck; and black pants that stretch down to his ankles.

Character Concept

Xen, he will be know as that dhani you met with the calm disposition, and sharp eyes. Xen appreciates the intricate and natural beauty of his environment, and if he finds a quiet place to settle in; he'll likely be found lounging around in that area, or quietly training there. Xen, while in the jungle, remains motionless to observe his surroundings. Thus, he remains somewhat true to his stalk and ambush predator nature. He is also strangely in touch with the flow of the natural world around him; he feels that the world is alive, and from this gift of his, believes it should be taken care of with as much care as one would have with one's self.

When hunting, he remains camouflaged and waits for something to enter his attack range. Xen avoids chasing down his prey as this wastes energy. Yet, he is not above stalking, and pursuing prey quietly. He will warn someone, if they overstep their boundaries. And a person who doesn't pay heed to his warnings they WILL receive a bite or venom in their eyes for their foolishness. He will not spare his blade from those who deserve it. In battle Xen is quick and aims to kill.

Xen has changed a great deal now, due to the loss of his mate and understanding of his ever fading grip on his inner, bestial hunger. He no longer places his full trust into others, and follows a more solitary path. Though, he will still cooperate with others to a degree, opting to show some form cooperation with those who are not overbearing. The primal instincts that had he suppressed for the years now rule his every action. And now, if observed carefully, others will find that Xen's reactions to stimuli in his environment are quite similar to that of a wild serpent.


Xen was born from the union of Salississsei a female viper dhani and Jorissmunzdses a male viper dhani. The relationship and marriage between the two vipers caused turmoil within their families, and knowing the consequence of their union would lead potentially lead to either of their deaths. Salississsei and Jorissmunzdses fled the Eyktol region, knowing that they would need to find a place to settle. However, to flee to the Cyphrus Region was their first plan of action. This journey took them years to complete; however, they were not alone. A year before their departure Salississsei and Jorissmunzdses had made allies outside their nest—the Benshira. The group of six Benshira knew the kindness and goodness within Salississsei and Jorissmunzdses and did not wish for them to die at the hands of their feuding families. These Benshira; Buahem a male, Ihram a male, Davuahes another male followed Salississsei and Jorissmunzdses with three other female Benshira—Laria, Vishay and Miha.

The group, consisting of two vipers Dhani and six Benshira ventured for years across the land, surviving well on what they could, and what they were able to catch during the hunt. However, none of them were spared from the fierce beasts and heartless bandits that ambushed them by cities they camped near or paths they chose to take. Jorissmunzdses was the leader: a swift fighter with a heart of gold, everyone in the group looked up to him in times of great distress. Salississsei was a cunning female; she used her wits and poisons to overcome obstacles, yet was one the members group could go to when days of travel were boring, and seemingly endless. In the Syliras Region deep within the Wildlands a young constrictor had found himself surrounded by four bandits. He had an arrow in each of his legs, and a group of bandits wanting him dead. The constrictor had killed most of their comrades, and was finally able to weaken him. But, it was Jorissmunzdses with the group that intervened and saved the young constrictors life.

The young constrictor Vaslalaryssaus vowed that he would follow and help the group for saving his life; thus, giving them his eternal gratitude, and another traveling companion. A long series of years passed before the group arrived at the doorstep of Alvadas with Salississsei and Jorissmunzdses having plans of making this city their home, and refuge for their offspring.The six Benshira, who were beginning to miss their homeland a great deal, decided to spend some time with their dhani companions, before they inevitably decide to depart from them, and ventured back to their homeland.

The vipers, and constrictor spent a considerable amount of years within Alvadas. Jorissmunzdses and Salississsei had settled down into the city, with realize ease, and decided to have children. Xen was the oldest, or rather, the first to hatch. And when he was of fifty years of age inherited the personal magic his father, mother and constrictor uncle. The events that led to the death of his siblings were rather gruesome; lost and banished from his memory, Xen could not remember what happened to them. And trying to recall these memories always brought forth incomprehensible headaches.

Then Xen's first journey began at the age of one-hundred and one Xen was taken along the journey for Zinrah. Once they crossed the border, fierce animals attacked them when they tried to rest or gather food, and the Myrians almost claimed their lives an innumerable amount of times, until they finally reached Zinrah. Jorissmunzdses and Salississsei knew they could not have Xen traveling with them again through the jungle, and decided to leave their son in Zinrah. Vaslalaryssaus stayed with Xen for four years before following behind his father and mother.

Xen spent the last three years adjusting to his solo life in Zinrah, and once he feels he is strong enough to be on his own. He would leave Zinrah to travel the world just as his father; mother and uncle did before him.

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