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Falyndar Fauna
Threat levelMedium to High
Major featuresPowerful Claws, Tough Exoskeleton
AbilitiesLimited Flight, Voracious Hunting Patterns
Most common injungle wilds

Ya'Tago = 'One that Swoops' in Myrian



The Ya’ Tago is an insect carnivore and an ambush predator at times; it may charge things within range and use its large incisors to slash and dismember prey, predators or rivaling members of its species. A Ya’ Tago is hostile to all things that enter its territory, attacking without regard or warning: even if the target which enters its territory was aware or unaware of its presence. A Ya’ Tago is an intimidating figure, standing eight feet tall and measuring about fifteen feet long. The Ya’ Tago is a predator of speed and viciousness. 20 inches would be the smallest point on its body, its thorax: the little stick part of its body before you get down to the abdomen that holds its wings. The head is a couple feet across, its torso four feet long and three feet wide. Its claws can be eight inches wide.

The Valterrian changed the simple praying mantis into these massive and wild creatures. The wild djed from the storms altered their physiology greatly, leaving them with a seemingly endless appetite and a nasty habit of pursuing prey without end, or until their death. The aggressive and competitive nature of the Ya’ Tago has prevented their own numbers from spreading: mainly because males will actively seek out other males and kill them for females—the females do the same against other females, for males.


Low during fall and winter—medium during spring and summer.


A Ya’ Tago is an exceedingly fast predator, it uses it natural quickness to overwhelm obstacles in its path. A Ya’ Tago's head is ten inches wide while the thorax is eighteen inches and the abdomen which houses its wings that give it limited flight capabilities. The two large incisors, the powerful mandibles and tough exoskeleton it wields, including its powerful compound eyes, ensures that only the quickest and toughest of obstacles can remain in its path.

Social Structure

The Ya’ Tago are solitary hunters only gathering to mate and lay eggs. Only, when they are laying their eggs are Ya’ Tago completely passive, as they will clump their forty eggs together in large mounds of dismembered and mutilated corpses. This mound can be filled with up to two-hundred eggs and will be guarded by two or more Ya’ Tago. The Ya’ Tago do not cannibalize their young. Once the young larvae-like Ya’ Tago hatch, they will attach themselves to a nearby adult and stay with the older Ya’ Tago until they reach their pupa stage ten days later: where they become cocoons and emerge as young adults once three weeks have pass.

Additional Information

The Ya’ Tago will have mounds of rotting corpses lining its territory. The smell attracts females and shows the strength of that Ya’ Tago occupying the territory. A Ya’ Tago cannot identify motionless targets and its short attention-span leaves it easy distracted, allowing enough time for someone to slip pass.