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Full nameAlex "Yeller" Eolla
RaceHuman (Nykan)
Date of birth482 AV (aged 41)
Place of birthNyka
TitleOwner of the Sharp Tongue Pub and Brewery


This light-hearted and quick-witted man stands behind the bar with half a head in his youth, and the other half in a riddle book of his own creation. He can be seen jotting down the good ones occasionally, but spends most of his nights engaging people at the bar or breaking up arguments on the floor. His nickname comes from the fact that he can somehow yell above the noise of his bar, however loud it is; those who know what’s good for them respect all requests for silence, knowing that they will be brief. He can spin a unique compliment as easily as a biting insult, but tends only to use the latter for disturbances and bad tippers.


Though not particularly book smart, Alex always had a knack for words. As a child, he won and lost his share of fights, but he always preferred outwitting an opponent instead of beating them bloody. Born into a family of brewers in the Southern District, Alex learned the trade from his father at a young age. The second oldest of his six siblings, Alex branched from his father’s business to start a pub that served his beer. Just as the place was getting successful, however, Mr. Eolla took ill and could not be saved. His brother sold their brewery in the South and moved into the Sharp Tongue, which quickly became the city’s largest supplier of wheat beer.