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"I hope you can hold what is yours."
TitleThe Goddess of Thieves
DomainThieves, Brigands, Deviants
Divine rank3
SymbolsA cut purse, a silken mask
CultsEvery thieves' den in every city
Worshipped inThroughout Mizahar

Yshul has always been a deviant. She fully supports the darker art of letting others do your work for you and then taking it for yourself. Her philosophy is simple. If you don't have the strength to keep whatever it is that others covet, then you don't deserve to have it. Yshul is commonly thought to be Akajia's daughter from an unknown father prior to Akajia settling down with Wysar in their Riverfall domain. However, that's not exactly the truth. Yshul is deceptive and deviant in almost every way, so she's spread this rumor and cultivated it into fact. The truth, however, is very simple. Yshul is Morwen's daughter by a Vantha lover. While she started out as an Alvina, Yshul is definitely a Goddess now in her own right. She is shrewd, calculating, and incredibly smart. As the mother of the famous mage Marcus Kelvic, Yshul has a fondness for the Kelvic race, and in many ways can claim that her own blood flows through each and every person who has a Kelvic factor crop up in their bloodline. Yshul has aspects of her mother (her wisdom, devotion, and steadfastness) and plays upon that blood relationship to take her own gifts and abilities to the extreme. In fact, Yshul's gifts are so powerful yet subtle that even her name has become part of the working vocabulary of Mizahar in the form of the word Yshulis. Yshulis is the ability to know inherently the value of something or how a profit could be turned from something that is seemingly valueless. The concept also stretches to people possessing things of value knowing how to get the best price or find just the perfect specialized customer that indeed needs what they have.

Yshul has no morals or ethics. She allies with no other gods. Her territory, she claims, is every shadowy alley, street corner brawl, and within every coin purse. Yshul is not greedy, however. She is just fascinated by the wants and needs of mere mortals and how they can be tailored or adjusted to her own needs. It is often speculated that Yshul lacks the concept of 'ownership' completely, and that she suffers from kleptomania which has influenced and molded her divine powers into the highly specialized skill set they are today.

Her gnosis mark looks like a broken lock. It's not an open lock, but one that's definitely broken.



Yshul's Appearances
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