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Snowy Singer
Date of birth508 AV (aged 15)
Place of birthAvanthal
TitleSnowy Owl Kelvic
Wilderness Survival20

Physical Description

In her human form, Yuna stands tall at 5'8. She weighs 135 pounds, and has pale skin with peach colored undertones. She has golden-colored eyes with a pupil the color of the darkest coals. Her face is that of an oval, with high cheek bones. Her face is framed by white blonde hair, which she often dyes at least partially purple through the use of various plants around Avanthal. Her hair is rather straight, with gentle waves near the ends; it tumbles to the middle of her back. She has a medium-sized nose, with a small curve at the end. Her lips are a pale pink, and take the shape of an archer's bow.

Yuna is relatively thin, but appears well built. She has long, slender arms, which are lined with several dark-colored freckles. They lead into average-sized hands, each equipped with five, long, slender fingers. Her nails are long, a light pink, very strong and curved towards the ends. They are strangely sharp, and slightly more durable than the nails of your average human being. The rest of her body is a little fuller looking, although her stomach is relatively flat. Her legs are rather long, and make up a slightly greater portion of her body than her torso.

In her animal form, Yuna is about 22.8 inches from head to toe. She weighs approximately 5.5 lbs. She as a small, circular face, with large, circular golden colored-eyes. Her pupils are pitch black; like a night without the stars. In the center of her face is a lightly curved black beak, all of which is surrounded by fluffy white feathers; the color of the snow. The rest of her body is much the same, all white, with the exception of her feet, which are lined with black talons, and her wings, which span 4.3 feet. Her wings, although predominately white, are lined with several black spots; denoting the fact that she is a female.


Yuna is a somewhat reserved individual who may oftentimes be found travelling between the Holds; for she tends to prefer being on the move, as opposed to staying in one place. When the weather in Avanthal is particularly brutal however, she prefers to move from one member of the Frostfawn Hold to the next. The Frostfawns comprise her favorite Hold; and she spends the greatest amount of time among them. People who know of her true nature assume this has to do with her animalistic side.

While spending time with the Frostfawns, Yuna will oftentimes work in the stables, singing as she works. If she is not with the horses, she may often be found working with the birds, feeding them, and whispering comforting words in their ears. She loves to be taught how best to care for animals; and has taken to singing along to the Snowsong's instruments. For her overall goal in life, is to be as much like a Vantha as possible; to learn as much about their culture as possible, to BE a Vantha.


Yuna's mother met her father in the Spring of 508 AV. They mated shortly thereafter, creating a small nest at the base of a large pine tree, just outside of Avanthal. Within a few days, Yuna's mother had lain a number of eggs, and merrily, began the process of incubating them with her own body heat. Just before a full thirty days had passed, Yuna's father failed to return; causing the mother to go hungry. She went out in search of something to eat, but never returned to her nest, having encountered a group of dire wolves which chased her out of her territory. The eggs were left on their own; forced to face the elements, sheltered only by the twigs that lined their nest, and the tree it was nestled beside.

By the next day, Yuna's tiny beak had begun pecking against the snow white shell that surrounded it. By the end of several hours, she had made her way through, and began peeping for attention; since she had grown so hungry from her work. But there was no one to answer. For a few more hours, she sat, freezing, until a young girl named Mai Whitevine came by with her family while out looking for supplies. The girl, hearing the poor creature, and frightened for its life, delicately lifted Yuna out of the nest, and decided to bring her back to her Hold to care for. At only a little more than 10 years of age, not too experienced with medicine, the girl struggled to care for Yuna, and soon, turned to her friend, Chelsey Frostfawn for help. Together, the two cared for Yuna for a full year, by which point, she was a rather healthy, full-grown bird.

Yuna would travel between their two Holds, spending time with each of the girls, singing merrily as she watched them grow. As she watched, Yuna would pick up small portions of their culture and studies- grooming, hunting and birdkeeping from Chelsey, as well as a small amount of falconry, and wilderness survival from whenever Mai went out looking for supplies. As she learned more and more; Yuna found that she wanted to ask questions, to be taught in even greater detail. At times, she wished she could be just like the two Vanthan girls that brought her in.

One day, after having encountered a polar bear Kelvic while out on a hunt with Chelsey; Yuna got the idea that much like the bear, she could transform into a human too, if she simply tried to. After several attempts- which included simply picturing herself as a Vantha, a few prayers to Morwen, and just plain hooting about how she was really a human, Yuna finally managed to transform. It was then that those around her first realized she was a Kelvic, and began to truly integrate the girl into the Vantha culture, based off her interests. She would spend time with the Frostfawns, tending to birds since she could understand them, and felt as though she could be one among them. She spent time with the Whitevines, simply because Mai was one of them, for she never quite got the hang of medicine, and she spent time with the Snowsongs, for she loved to sing along to their instruments.

As Yuna continued to spend time with the Vantha, learning of them and their culture; the more she loved them. She decided that she wanted to be a member of one of the Holds; but could never decide which one to belong to; for her heart belonged in a number of them, for separate reasons. Although she tried at times to settle, to join the Snowsongs or the Frostfawns, she was never truly accepted, creating a sense of sorrow and emptiness within her. Creating a sense of desire and determination for her love of the Vantha made her want to be like them as much as possible; it made her want to be one of them.

Thus, Yuna began to dye her hair purple, in order to be more like them. She began to spend even more time awake; studying everything her favorite Holds studied. She began to vie for Morwen's attention; always wishing she could meet her, that the goddess would take notice of her. That she would mark her like the rest of her people; never understanding that even if she does all these things, even if she is marked, she can never truly be one of them.