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Zastoska Mountains

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The Zastoska Mountains have been a facet of Zeltivan life long before the Valterrian and into the very founding of the Zeltiva itself. For generations beyond counting the stoic pines of the hardwood forest have watched over the Zeltivans but few can say that their presence has ever been comforting. The forest itself is filled with both life that is natural and life that has been made unnatural. Countless stories have arisen over the centuries hinting at nightmarish creatures that stalk the dark valleys of the mountains. Some of these stories have spawned as a result of old Alahean wizard’s penchant for experimenting with the wildlife. Rumors still circulate that there are laboratories lost within the trees though few are successful at finding them. The Zastoska Mountains completely surround the outer edges of the city with only one known exit and entry point, the Mirahil Pass. The mountain range guards its secrets viciously and rewards only those who are strong of spirit, mind and body.