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Major featuresPurple water lily
AbilitiesPoison, stomach ache relief
Most common inLhavit

The zujin flower is a tough flower which is found, perhaps surprisingly, only in winter. When the water in Lhavit freezes over, the buds (which are present, along with the lily pad leaves, all year round) bloom into purple, spiky flowers. Not delicate at all, they have thick petals which can be broken, revealing a thick gel inside that is a subtle poison. The poison can be used to upset one's stomach for multiple days if slipped into food. However, the leaf itself has medicinal values when used whole and steeped to make tea; the opposite of its poison, tea made from the leaves of a zujin will help ease stomach aches. The flower, due to the fact that it blooms only in winter, has come to have a poor social symbol. It is often given mockingly to a woman who constantly rejects a potential lover. When given the zujin, the woman is often given the title "Ice Flower".