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A Collection of Ethaefal Accounts

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A Collection of Ethaefal Accounts
Personal Accounts Collected by a Scholar
Full titleA Collection of Ethaefal Accounts
AuthorFineas Bead
Year published129 AV (394 years ago)
AvailabilityCommon in centers of learning
Average cost10 Mizas

A Collection of Ethaefal Accounts is a careful accumulation by the scholar Fineas Bead regarding the nature and origin of Ethaefal. The scattered stories are made cohesive through commentary by Bead, whose exhaustive research into the race made him the nearest thing to an expert in his day. He was largely motivated due to his connection to Leth, the moon god, from whom he received two gnosis marks. Accounts were transcribed word for word from either witnesses of Ethaefal behavior or Ethaefal themselves.


Please note, this is a work in progress.

Excerpts From Chapter II: On Ethaefal Appearance

"She simply did not belong. I can think of no other way to describe it. She was too sacred and lovely to walk on dirt and stones, to wear common cloth, to ask for bread. Having her here was like cleaning a latrine with silk."

"I couldn't resist a traveler handsome as him. I offered him a bed in the house but he took a spot in the barn. Come morning I bring some food around and there's this terrible Symenestra in his place. Dreadful spidery race. I threw the hot porridge on him and ran for my pitchfork, like any smart girl would."

Excerpts From Chapter VIII: Death and Ethaefal

"The body stayed perfect for days. But for the gash over his chest, we would have thought him asleep. And then, nothing but dust. Like bits of crystal or mica. Never seen anything like it. Even the horns fell to pieces, and it seemed nothing could break those."