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God of the Moon
TitleGod of the Moon
DomainThe Moon, Change, Reflection, Thought
Divine rank3
SymbolsCrescent Moon
Worshipped inTaloba, thoughout Mizahar



Leth was once a wild god, a beast who assisted Dira in her endeavours. Considered dark, but beautiful, he fell in love with Syna, the handmaiden of Kihala, and the relationship blossomed. Tanroa wanted something to mark the passing of time, and searched for appropriate appointees. On the suggestion of Dira, Leth became the god of the moon, ruling over the night hours that Tanroa tasked him.

They existed in easy harmony, trading duties as time dictated, and capable of being close to each other, and enjoying the gentle sunrises and sunsets, the twilight times when the lovers were close together. Once or twice a year, they would steal away to be together for a day, leaving the world in darkness. All was well, until the great cataclysm.

The Valterrian had a devastating effect on Syna and Leth. Not only did it rend their neighboring realms and cause a loss of the chosen (who would become the Ethaefal), but Leth sustained an injury meant for Syna. The two of them retreated, leaving the world dark as Syna looked after her beloved. Light would eventually be restored to Mizahar as the two resumed their duties, bringing the glow of the sun and moon to touch the lands once more.

On the anniversary of the Valterrian, the moon goes red, a reminder of the sacrifice and loss.


Leth has changed considerably since his appointment by Tanroa. Once wild, dark, and violent, the gentle influence of Syna and time has led to a somewhat more moderate attitude. He is quicksilver in his moods and attitudes, with only two true constants. While he still has his share of darkness, chained and restrained as it is by Tanroa, he is fiercely devoted to and protective of Syna. The other is his appetite for destruction and assisting his sister, Dira.


Leth is the god of the Moon, and as such he also governs change - the changing phases of the moon, and the change that his nature has gone through. He is also the god of thought and reflection, the processes that brought him to his form of redemption. Any who have cast about for light in the dark or been drawn to reflection by the sight of the lonely moon have shared at least a brief kinship with the god.

Mark Opposition

Leth isn't as restrictive in his marking as his love, Syna. He does tend however to not mark those who are already marked by some deities. As the god of thought and reflection, some deities encourage a lack of such things from their followers. These include Sagallius, Uldr and Krysus as they seek to control those they mark by discouraging self-reflection and thinking for themselves as these are qualities that limit the deity's control.


Telepathy: The ability to communicate to another's mind across vast distances.