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Image:Scroll2.png "Art is about taking away. The beauty of the statue hides within the slab of marble, you just chisel away to bring it out. Voiders are no different except in the scale of their artwork."
- Master Aelobius
RaceNuit, formerly Human
Date of birth62 BV (aged 585)
Place of birthSouthern Alahea
TitleMaster Voider

Aelob Fernster (more commonly known by the magonym Aelobius) is a Nuit and master of Voiding on the undead island of Sahova. A notorious psychopath both before and after death, he nonetheless serves Lector Qiao loyally as a member of the Council of Five.


Aelobius is considered creepy even by Nuit standards. He is best identified by the humorless slasher grins he bestows on people. He will usually keep his bodies till the very last moment as he enjoys looking like a corpse, especially in front of the living.


Aelobius is a sadistic sociopath, however his personality does not get in the way of his work, nor Sahova's progress. He knows what he can get away with and what would put him in a less than comfortable spot: he keeps just behind the line. He is obsessed with his Voiding, though his mental condition was not caused by overgiving (an important distinction, as he would not have been selected for the Sahova project in that case). When Aelobius sees something or someone he considers offensive, distasteful or unartistic, he will try to send it to the Void if he can do so. His tastes are whimsical; combined with his bipolar moods, this makes him a constant menace to anyone without the political support of Lector Qiao. He should not be approached without witnesses.


In Alahea, when a madman displayed affinity to magic he or she was usually lobotomized to nip that potential in the bud. If a madman displayed such high proficiency as to make them worth the risk, and happened to show some restraint, then they may well become instructors at the Royal Academy of Magic. Aelob Fernster went straight from a padded cell to the classrooms of the Academy, taking on the magonym Aelobius to clear his tarnished name. There were many reports of missing students that can be traced to the Voider, though the lack of bodies and proof, as well as the protection of headmaster Qiao, always kept him safe from the law. Aelobius' name acquired instant fame when Vuld Shaik published his book "Magic and I".

When Qiao volunteered to become a Sahovan Nuit, he took Aelobius and others along, possibly resorting to blackmail.