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Albrek Degan

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Albrek Degan

Syliran Knight, Leader of the Silver Quadron
Date of birth475 AV (aged 48)
Place of birthSylrias
TitleWarden Knight of the Syliran Knights
Unarmed Combat45

Albrek Degan is the Warden Knight of the Silver Quadron, third-highest ranked officer in the Syliran Knights. He is currently stationed in Syliras.


Warden Degan was a slave in the gladiator pits of Ravok for most of his early life. At nineteen, he finally escaped to Syliras and joined the Knights in an attempt to keep himself from being dragged back to slavery. His apprenticeship lasted less than a year - only long enough for him to master the scholarly aspects of the Knighthood, as he'd mastered the martial requirements years earlier - and his quest was given and accepted by the Windoak. Since then he has risen steadily through the ranks, and has personally served as Patron to half a dozen Squires.

For the most part, the Silver Quadron remains in and around Syliras, and so Warden Degan can often be found in Stormhold Citadel.


  • 4th Regiment: Captain Knight Trevan