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Lance Stalinsa

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Lance Stalinsa

Syliran Knight, Leader of the 1st Regiment, Silver Quadron
Date of birth484 AV (aged 39)
Place of birthSylrias
TitleCaptain Knight of the Syliran Knights

Lance Stalinsa is the Captain Knight of the 1st Regiment, Silver Quadron. He is currently stationed in Syliras.





Companies and Subordinates

Jkara Nesbith

Stewart Knight Jkara Nesbith, Black Company

Race: Drykas

Age: 25

Specialty: Riding (Warhorse), Tactics

Stationed: Syliras, Cavalry Company

Ihsan Kanaan

Stewart Knight Ihsan Kanaan, White Company

Race: Human

Age: 24

Specialty: Law, Leadership, Scimitar

Stationed: Syliras, Third Tier

Illis Alvikal

Stewart Knight Illis Alvikal, Green Company

Race: Human

Age: 28

Specialty: Law, Daggers, Dual-Wielding

Stationed: Syliras, Third Tier


Stewart Knight Keln, Red Company

Race: Inarta

Age: 22

Specialty: Longbow, Horsebow, Tracking

Stationed: Syliras, Eastern Border

Mikail Mesash

Stewart Knight Mikail Mesash, Blue Company

Race: Human

Age: 32

Specialty: Tracking, Riding (Warhorse)

Stationed: Syliras, Southern Border

Taylor Brudt

Stewart Knight Taylor Brudt, Yellow Company

Race: Human

Age: 19

Specialty: Brawling, Sailing

Stationed: Syliras, Docks

Aquila Brock

Stewart Knight Aquila Brock, Orange Company

Race: Ethaefal

Age: 147

Specialty: Investigation, Tracking, Riding (Warhorse)

Stationed: Syliras, Bronze Woods

Hetcha Serpi

Stewart Knight Hetcha Serpi, Purple Company

Race: Akalak

Age: 42

Specialty: Lakan, Wilderness Survival

Stationed: Syliras, Bronze Woods

Jynrr Braklin

Stewart Knight Jynrr Braklin, Brown Company

Race: Human

Age: 30

Specialty: Short Sword, Leadership

Stationed: Syliras, Wall

Druss Vimten

Stewart Knight Druss Vimten, Gray Company

Race: Human

Age: 23

Specialty: Spear, Daggers, Law

Stationed: Syliras, Docks


Lance's Appearences
heightTrial RunTrying out a new magical item