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Alluvia Lighting

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Image:Scroll2.png "Like the roof over your head protects you from the elements we protect you from the elements of civilization"
- Alluvia Lighting, member of the Azure Triad
Alluvia Lighting

You are never alone
Date of birth493 AV (aged 30)
Place of birthAlvadas
TitleAlluvia of the Triad
Gnosis marks

Alluvia Lighting is the youngest member of the Azure Triad. Thrice marked by Ionu at only the age of eighteen this young leader was said to be chosen by the deity. Being born for this position is one thing but being chosen by a god to lead their city is another. Alluvia herself is a mystery and quite hard to find. The best chance you get of seeing the young leader nowadays is when the Triad is making a judgment on someone or about something.


Alluvia is an eccentric girl with quite the wardrobe, though she can usually be found wearing various shades of purple and red that seem to contrast with an eerie beauty to her lengthy blond hair. A real girl she prefers to wear elaborate dresses and her hair is always done up in some way. She likes fancy things and therefor strives to look the part too. The voice of this leader seems to have an elegant power to it and rings in the ears of those who hear it. Some say it was that quality about her that got her the job, but others think it goes deeper than that.

Being thrice marked by Ionu her appearance has the tendency to change on a whim. Her dress changing color or slowly fading to an even darker shade of purple is not uncommon. There also seems to be the scent of sunflowers surrounding her. Where is comes from though is unknown, it just is, and it is assumed to be an illusion.


Being a woman of ‘elegance’ she puts on the facade of being prim and proper. Her dresses are always of the highest quality and seem to stand out as much as she does. Her very presence seems to give off a complexity to it. There always seems to be a deeper meaning to her actions and words. What that meaning is though is hard to put your finger on, though it just might be her personality putting on that mask and donning the identity of complexity when really it is not present at all.

Finding comfort in the stability of law and of the guidelines that they provide she is a fierce protector of ‘justice’ and usually sees all who are put in front of the Triad for a criminal offense unworthy of living within Alvadas, or living period. Much as she would like to be the picture of stability for Alvadas she houses a much darker side than just her outlook on criminals, and there has been speculation that there isn’t just one Alluvia. On her bad days this seems much more apparent when her moods swing from forgiving to absolute hate.She commands the Silencers, the deadliest corner of the Womiyu.

Now there has been a lot of speculation about why she was ‘chosen’, so to say, to lead the city. Some say it’s just her mastery in the art of cooking. That Ionu respects the art of cooking, and that he didn’t see in her only as great chef but also one with the capability to lead others just as well as she leads the kitchen that she cooks in. Though there are even more rumors of her ruthlessness in that if she sees something that she doesn’t like, or think is proper, she will do all in her power to change that thing into what she pictures it should be. Some say it is that quality about her, that precise vision, which gave her the honor of being a member of the Triad.


Alluvia wasn’t always part of the Triad and she has no fantasy that she will remain. Having no real structure in her life before joining the Triad at the age of sixteen her life was shambles and almost empty. Some people wonder how she rose from the streets of Alvadas to such a position, but to others it is apparent that it was her destiny to be part of the Triad.

Having grown up with a family of chefs she couldn’t have dreamed of being part of the Triad. Cooking, as it was with her parents before, would be her life, and while it wasn’t the most exciting thing in the world she decided that she could try and put her personality on everything she cooked giving it a unique appearance and even more so taste. It was rumored that the young chief got her first gnosis mark at the age of twelve by impressing the deity with a cake she had crafted.

At the age of fifteen her talents as a chef were well known around the city and it was said her desserts were ‘to die for’, and although with the high demand for her foods she could have easily rose the price on the stuff she sells she kept it the same, the same low price that it always has been. Her food gaining even more renown now attracted the deity once more, and once more she impressed him with the elaborate and unpredictable tastes that her meals housed. This act was rewarded with her gaining a second gnosis mark from the god.

Sixteen though was the life changing year for the young chef as she was chosen to be part of the Triad. It was also the year that she received her third mark from Ionu.

Over two years of service Alluvia has grown a lot, and shown that she is a natural born leader. Having a quick mind and the will to change things to how she thinks it should be run, she tried to absorb something from every moment as a member of the Triad. She has proved through many trials that she is quite adapt at organization and negotiation. The two years that she has served has taught her a lot about leadership and the basic politics of how things are run. It is rumored that she is not above shady undertakings, but all that is dismissed as hearsay.