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Image:Scroll2.png “Wizards are the worst scum. It’s not the magic; it’s the lack of discipline. They have no purpose, so they try to tear the city apart. Used to be I hated father for giving me to the Temple, but now I thank him. Here we can rout out the rot, and make this city a cleaner place.”
- Silencer Eyrl of the Highest

Reform and observation are of no concern of the Silencers. Their purpose is to annihilate problems in Alvadas beyond or unworthy of redemption. When a wizard goes mad or malicious plots move against the city, the Silencers put an end to the threat with magic and martial prowess that few within the city can match. They are destroyers, annihilators; the sword dagger hidden behind a veil for when words fail, and they are good at what they do.

The people of Alvadas fear the Silencers, as popular idiom says, ‘making noise’ is one of the most dangerous things that you can do. They are defenders of Alvadas but they are wielders of the arcane by trade, and for it the people fear them, and yet they are respected for what they do. The Silencers are an existence above, something to be wary of and avoid, respect and revere.



The Highest of the Silencers are always the eldest five acting Silencers—it falls to them to decide whether a wizard should truly be deemed mad and annihilated, whether a threat is really real enough to mobilize the Silencers to destroy it. Every day they debate with the Highest of the Speakers over whose jurisdiction the cases reported by the Listeners falls, and hand their assignments down to those below them.

Most of the Silencers make them home in the rooms beneath the Temple of Ionu and are given assignments appropriate to their station. Lone Silencers are often sent to eliminate the lonely madman with pathetic magics at his disposal, while dozens might be sent in pursuit of conspiracies against the city and Ionu.

The eldest of the Silencers hold the most authority over the organization—they hold power, they have proved they deserve the place, and new-made Silencers are expected to work to prove theirs.


Some children are occasionally given to the Temple of Ionu to foster due to an unwillingness or inability of their guardians to raise the child by themselves. These children are taught to respect Ionu and the peace of Alvadas—and treat them both as equal and separate forces on their life. They are trained in martial combat, in magical proficiency, so that they might one day serve Alvadas as Silencers.

It is the priest of the Temple of Ionu that decides when the children become adults, and ready to serve in the capacity they have been trained for. It is not unheard of for others to be offered a place among the Silencers, should their devotion to Alvadas and Ionu be proven strong as their strength of arm or arcane.


Not concerned with appearance as the Speakers are, the Silencer’s uniform is simple, businesslike. Their apparel is azure, Ionu’s color, and their back is decorated with their sigil—the inverted triangle, covered with a finger raised in hushing; those who keep the silence of Alvadas. Any who imitates the Silencers are silenced by those they imitate, and for good reason—the uniform of the Silencers comes with great power and privilege. All are expected to stand aside while they Silencer does their work, and their work always ends with someone’s death.

Life as a Silencer

The Silencers live in the very top of the Womiyu, where their home touches the Temple of Ionu. More than any of the others, the Silencers are guided by religion. The Priests of Ionu care for them; provide for them, and in return the Silencers revere them.

They sleep in mats on the floor in groups of three, and train in wide indoor rooms where nevertheless flowers bloom and the sun shines bright, even in the coldest of winter days.

Their discipline revolves around the hurting of other human beings, of killing, and doing so both with their martial prowess and Djed manipulation. Discipline and precedent guide the Silencer, leaves little room for them to stray. If the wizard’s madness takes them, they cannot seize power, for age is all that matters. If they doubt, always there are priests to comfort, to coax them best. Life among the Silencers does not change—their missions are ones of chaos, of death, and great conflict, and many among them prefer it to staying inside the Temple.

The order of things is old, perhaps stagnant. Merit, even benevolence does not determine rank, merely age, and so many factions form under the oldest, friends, petty politicking of who knows who is with whom. Yet there is certainty throughout the Silencers; that they serve a purpose, which they clean the trash from the Alvadas. The people fear them, and from that fear springs a terrified respect. No one stands in their way in the course of their duty, and when they are not they do their best to smile and give free drinks.

That is the Silencer’s life—to be feared enough that they are revered in the city, and lost to pointless squabbles at home.

Playing A Silencer

To play a Silencer in game, a character needs to have gone through the Temple’s training in their backstory or garnered the approval of the Priest of the Temple of Ionu in character. A total of forty skill points must be spread across martial and arcane skills that could help them, such as reimancy or voiding, overcome the challenges of their profession.

As a member of the Womiyu the character enjoys free common living, along with a paid for and provided room in the Womiyu taking into account that the character is dutiful and upholds what the guards stand for and the character understands that if he does not do what is meant to be done they will be kicked out and lose all privileges they had as a member of the Alvadas' guard. That means you guys can feel free to cash in that housing for extra money.

Base Seasonal Payment for being a Silencer is 7 GM a day

Silencer NPC's

Raiza Torrian- High Hand

Huntell Alken

The Womiyu
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