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Alnair is a Ethaefal of Syna who fell from the divine near Lhavit, being taken in by an old man Alnair was thought all he knows by Gavan.


Date of birth507 AV (aged 16)
Place of birthLhavit
TitleKnowledge seeker


Physical description

In his Ethaefal form Alnair grows to an height of almost 6'2", his skin gains a sun kissed, light coppery hue and his eyes are a dusky blue. His hair reach a bit past his ears, falling over his forehead just below his eyebrows, the hair curls slightly at the tips, Alnair mostly keeps it parted in the middle but sometimes he just lets it fall like it wants. During the year his hair and curved horns change colour, in the spring his pale green horns contrast against his dark blonde hair. In the summer his very pale peach coloured horns are surrounded by rich deep golden strands, when fall hits Alnair's horns turn a de-saturated red and his hair gains a deep auburn colour. Finally in the winter his hair is a light brown colour with his horns breaking off with a forest green hue. Alnair is more of an artist type and is not so well trained, he is lithe and agile but not so physically strong.

When Syna sets Alnair looses a couple of inches and gains the slight frame and longer limbs of a Symenestra with black pointed claws contrasting against his deathly pale skin, his hair turns a deep black, growing a bit longer and his blue eyes shift to a dark golden. Though his canines are slightly longer than normal he has barely no poison in them and he is capable of eating normal food so far it is easily digested. Alnair in this shape is much more capable of fighting and despite his slighter, more fragile, form he is stronger during the night.

Character Concept

During the day he is patient, kind and composed, he is at home together with others and is open and friendly. But just after his Fall he was often caught in depression and endless discussions with himself over why he was cast from his divine place, why Syna let it happen. But now a days he rarely gives in to that and honours Syna and is grateful for another chance at a more peaceful and kinder life. He still can relapse and talk to himself inside his head but it's not so common anymore. He is almost insanely curious, seeking knowledge wherever he can, reading and practicing. Alnair's greatest passion is painting, and this gave him trouble with his tendencies of perfectionism, it took him three years to let loose when painting but he is still struggling with that.

When Leth rises in the sky though and Alnair takes the shape of a half Symenestra his personality sharpens and while the soft streaks that was steadily growing in him when he was last alive he still retains his confrontational and aggressive personality. Though he is always fighting himself in this form to get his kinder streaks to grow and take over completely he isn't always successful. He is training a lot in this form to help keep his focus and bury his violent personality.


Before his fall:

Alnair was born over almost a hundred years ago in Ravok to a Symenestra mother and a human father, back then he was called Draven Pharivo. He was at edge with his father from the start, they argued every day and his weapon training was a great stress relieve for him. Draven spent much time with his mother instead as he grew up, learning of his Symenestra heritage, his mother encouraged him to do what he wanted in contrast to his father who tried to steer Draven's life. Draven practiced a lot with long distance weapons, especially the bow and spear, his weak frame he trained up as much as it was possible so he could use his weapons without hurting himself. As soon as he could he moved to his own place and started working with the Ebonystryfe, despite his father pressuring him he joined by his own will and need for confrontation. After being an apprentice for some years he was soon expected to being able to join as a full member, but despite all his work and interest Draven started feeling conflicted over what he did, even starting to loose his faith in Rhysol aiming all his faith to Varatas, and his soft streaks only grew and one day Draven was ambushed and murdered by other members that wanted to clean the Ebonystryfe from weaklings.

After his fall:

Alnair crashed into the water outside Lhavit's coast, his first memories are of his first breaths and the burning of water in his lungs. Thrashing like mad he managed to swim to shore and crawl up on the wet sand, twilight washed over him gleaming in his auburn hair but soon the sun dipped below the horizon and Alnair could feel his form changing, his red horns vanished and suddenly his perfect divine shape was gone and he was back in his past life form. Meeting an old man living in Lhavit Alnair was taken in by him after the man realised he was an Ethaefal. He learned cooking, painting and a bit of astronomy from him and the old man's patient and calm nature helped Alnair in a way to move on from loosing his divine place. In an effort to keep a tie to his lost place with his deity by taking a name from the stars, Alnair from the brightest star in the constellation Grus. The old man had also travelled a lot and told Alnair of his travels and thought him some Shiber from his visits to Wadrass. After only a few years though the old man died and Alnair saw to his burial and selling of the house before moving to his own place.

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