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A character sheet (or CS for short) is in essence a thread created by the characters’ player that records all the relevant character’s information. Character sheets are mandatory, because each and every player needs a place to keep track of certain information about their Player Character (PC). And while only the bare bones essentials are required (Name, Age, Physical Description, Skills & Points, Ledger) players often use these character sheets to really portray who their characters are. They can be as simple as a single post that simply lists all the required facts, or they can be as complex and elaborate as a player wishes to make them. Players often give each section its own post, decorating it with frames, images, and even clip art that pertains to their character. We suggest you look around the Character Sheet Forum and see what others have done before creating your own! In addition, its always a great idea to place a link to your character sheet into your signature.

When creating a Character Sheet, being sure to consult the whole Starting Guide is a must!

Your character sheet is posted to the Character Sheets forum. When posting, be sure to make the New Topic subject the same as your characters name.

Various templates can be seen here.

What Is Included In A Character Sheet

  • PC Name’s (Required)
  • Physical Information (Required)
    • Race
    • Birthday & Age, including Day/Season/Year
    • Gender
  • Physical Description
  • Character Concept (Optional But Recommended)
    • Personality - What are they like?
    • Ethics - What are their morals?
    • Likes - Are they addicted to war mongering or growing flowers?
    • Dislikes - Do they hate Isurians with a passion? Why?
  • Character History (Optional But Recommended)
    • Pre-Creation - Your PCs Childhood and life before the age you started playing them.
    • Post Creation - What happened to your PC in game as you play them.
  • Training & Skill Points (Required)
  • Equipment/Possessions (Required)
    • Always keep a list of your acquired items and where you got them. This could included houses, pets, clothing, weapons, armor, etc.
  • Ledger (Required)
    • Everyone starts out with 100 gold Mizas. Please keep a written record of the money your PC both earns and spends in their day to day existence.
  • Thread List (Optional)
    • Keep a running record plus links of all your threads and in what season they were in.