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Alric Wilmot

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Alric Wilmot
Date of birth492 AV (aged 31)
Place of birthAlvadas

“If it looks real, feels real, if all your senses and memories point to its reality, then do you think it truly matters if it's real?”

Alric has changed drastically with the death of his father Alvin Wilmot. Where once he was eager to learn, and a relatively calm person, he has become increasingly passionate and is prone to great bursts of emotion. His love of learning has been stifled, and he now sees the world as a harsh and unfair place. For everything he learns, will be forgotten in his next life. He has since decided that this should be fixed, not just for him, but everyone.

Alric is not the type to hold grudges, but he is also not a man that forgets wrongs. The end must always take the means into consideration, and the end is not always justified. Where once he saw learning and understanding as the highest calling in life, he now sees justice and joy as the highest callings. His worship of Ionu has been taken by a passionate zealotry, as he finds Illusions more and more wondrous. The harsh reality as he sees it is not written in stone, and with Ionu's help he might be able to help others with his powers.

Life should not be a place of suffering and sadness, he believes. Instead it should be filled with joy and wonder. And he will stop at nothing to make it that way for everyone, whether they like it or not.


Alric is a handsome man, with dark chestnut hair and azure eyes. He is also a rather short man. He never slouches, and because of this, many do not realize just how short he is. His teeth are whiter than average. His hair comes down to his eyebrows, the nape of his neck, and the tip of his ears. He wears his hair loose, and is clean shaven. He is slight of frame and is not very intimidating by physical appearance alone. His face is angular and quite sharp-featured. His shoulders are broad, though not well defined. Upon his right wrist lays his gnosis mark, an inverted blue triangle given to him by Ionu. He is quite healthy, but does not exercise regularly. As such, he is not at any particular advantage while engaging in physical pursuits. However, he is not truly at a disadvantage either. That is, so long as the people he is with are of an average physicality.

His robes are armored, bought in Zeltiva to better protect him. They are blue, while the armored bits are a dull gold color, though he is told that it is just paint, and the metal is steel. He wears a book on his left hip, currently empty of content. He means to fill it with all his knowledge.


Alvin Wilmot has lost much of his cynicism and selfishness, and is now very eager to help others. While he still holds that people are useful tools and resources, he does not hold that as a bad thing. Indeed, he holds even himself as a tool. He is very devout to Ionu and has lost much of his reverence to Eyris. Illusion is where he finds comfort now, and while learning is still a pleasurable act for him, it is not his main drive. He seeks only to have a good time and make others do the same. He is not gentle in this cause, however, often being very manipulative to achieve what he believes is a greater good.

His hatred of lies has waned, and has found that he can stomach one or two if they will progress his goals. He still hates them, in a way, but he sees them as necessary. Whenever possible, he avoids them by using Hypnosis, his favorite activity. Where once he learned caution in its application, he has abandoned all hesitation in his use. He has grown so capable in the discipline it is no longer a concern of concealment. Even if one were to realize they were being manipulated, there would be little they could do to stop it.

However, in the end, his lies and manipulations are always meant to help others, not for personal gain. Despite this, he is very prideful and sure of himself, believing that he knows what is best for others. He is not one to leave well enough alone. He always gets involved in other's business, believing that he knows best.