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Amanda Nitrozian

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Amanda Nitrozian

Amanda Nitrozian
Date of birth480 AV (aged 43)
Place of birthRavok
TitleHead Researcher
Animal Husbandry60
Gnosis marks

Head researcher at the Kelvic Research Facility in Ravok, Amanda is a shrewd, calculating woman whose passion is the keeping and breeding of Kelvic slaves. That passion turned profitable for the Nitrozian family when she noticed that certain Kelvics, regardless of breed, tended to produce certain types of other Kelvics. Specifically, she had a Kelvic parrot who, when mated with her Kelvic dog, tended to produce all manner of rodent Kelvics more often than anything else. From then on she began trying to find other patterns among Kelvics, learning that not all parrot/dog matings produced the same thing. It was those two specific Kelvics that always produced rodents.

Her studies caught the interest of one of the paladins in the Ebonstryfe who then brought her findings before The Voice herself, and a year later the Kelvic Research Institution was founded through the joint funding of the Nitrozian family and the Ebonstryfe, as well as nominal donations from the other major Ravok families. In its ten years of operation the institute has proved a valuable revenue resource for the city, even if its intended purpose has not yet been met, and Amanda continues to head all research efforts within.