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The Beast People of Mizahar
Height5'8"-6'8" (males), 5'4"-6'4" (females)
LifespanRelatively short - 20-40 years
Major featuresAnimalistic Eyes, Elongated Teeth
Most common inWorld Wide
ReputationExotic and Unpredictable
Racial godsThe Kelvic do not worship any particular God
Racial bonus+10 Hunting or +10 Foraging or +10 Unarmed Combat

Kelvics are an artificially crafted race of creatures found only on Mizahar. They have the ability to shape shift effortlessly between a singular human and singular animal form that is predetermined upon birth. Kelvics are neither humans nor animals, but are instead a hybrid between the two having traits of both forms perfectly melded by the introduction of a completely foreign off world originating symbiote during the race’s creation. Kelvics have an inborn need to find and bond to another human and are almost a hundred percent psychologically driven by this need.



We are so much more than we seem.
The Kelvic people are a race born from a project funded by the Suvan Empire pre-Valterrian. The Alizarin Team, called thus for their reddish purple insignia, were headed by Marcus and Myrna Kelvic, a pair of twin siblings who were incredibly gifted in melding science and magic to produce astonishing weapons for the Suvan Empire’s use in the war against Alahea. Myrna was a world walker, in charge of ecological mining off world. Her and her elite task force would explore far and wide, bringing back likely new discoveries both organic and inorganic, to aid The Suvan Empire. While Myrna was the explorer, Marcus was the true scientist. He built up an incredibly gifted experimental science team that were not afraid of tackling difficult subjects nor of stretching the boundaries of what was known to the Suvan Empire in the name of technology. They were the elite of the elite and their base of operations was situated around a mountain fortress called Ironrock. Both Marcus and Myrna were the son and daughter of Yshul and the grandchildren of Morwen. It was thought that they were Alvina and immortal in and of themselves. This fact alone might account for the sharpness of the twin’s minds and the fact that these two were perhaps the last known and certainly only recorded geneticists on Mizahar. Late in the war, perhaps twenty years before Kova’s death, Myrna and her entire exploratory team went missing. Failing a check-in, Marcus rallied to her rescue and during that mission was severely wounded and nearly lost his own life. As it was, half his team was lost, leaving only trace evidence as to the whereabouts of Myrna and her exploratory task force.

Unable to continue the search for her himself, Marcus switched gears from crafting ‘weapons’ for the Suvan Empire to crafting the means to continue his search. Having discovered an incredible off-world creature called a Kelderon Mimic, Marcus started a series of experiments that would later evolve into the Kelvic Race. He fused the Kelderon Mimic with animals and then infused those creatures who survived the process with blood from their creators – humans – to allow them to better adapt to Mizahar and the worlds Marcus would then send them too. The Kelvics, as a whole, where designed exclusively to carry on the search for Myrna and her lost elite by becoming worldwalkers themselves and going where Marcus Kelvic could no longer physically go due to his injuries. In fact, once Myrna was lost, the entire whole of the Alizarin Group changed focus since most of the scientists working under Marcus Kelvic had close family that were also lost with Myrna’s elite.

I see more than you might think because I use more than my eyes to look with.
In order to assure their absolute loyalty, Marcus infused them with a power that bound the souls of the new race to his own – and that of his scientists who assisted him - so that deep within the Kelvics they had a need to serve and had almost absolute loyalty to the scientists so long as they were treated in the manner Marcus intended them to be treated – with respect, concern, and love. Marcus made sure he kept the Kelderon Mimic’s traits latent and full blown in the Kelvics themselves, allowing them to pass for human in the Mizaharian world if necessary, and yet allowing them at the same time to be most comfortable in the original animal host they were fused with. In order to more thoroughly control them, Marcus heavily infused them with the need to want to be human and strive for it, while at the same time retaining their animal shapes, traits, and characteristics. He called this need The Kelvic Bond and those that they bonded too the creatures ‘bondmates’.

The first twenty six generations of Kelvics were named for their generation and given the last name of the scientist who worked on them. So for example, a first generation Kelvic created by Marcus himself would be called A’Something (such as A’Verta) and would retain his last name. A second generation Kelvic created by Irvyn Zanrisi would be called perhaps B’Lyza Zanrisi. It was the first five generations of Kelvics, the most powerful and potent of them (A-E) that would found the legacy of the Kelvic Race by blending their blood with that of their creators in sexual reproduction and thus burying their latent and highly manipulated genes deep into the human gene pool which allowed them to survive and resurface stronger than ever after the Valterrian.

The later generations F-Z were neither as carefully crafted nor as potent of bondmates as the original, since the first generations were already effectively carrying out the mission they were designed for – Myrna’s search and rescue. And since the war was drawing to a close and the Valterrian was fast approaching, continuing research on the creation and subsequent fine tuning of the Kelvic race was less important and perhaps more importantly less funded by the Suvan Nation as a whole. A-E was fused with carefully selected animals – common tough wilderness survivalists - such as wolves and big cats and birds of prey. Later generations were branched out based on the interests of Marcus’ Alizarin Team, to fill niches that Kelvics were found to be particularly good with including servants, transportation, and specialty fields.

The Alizarin Team Based At Ironrock

The Alizarin Team Signia.
  • Marcus Kelvic – Alizarin Team Leader. Original Kelvic manipulator of the Kelderon Mimic.
  • Iryvn Zanrisi – First successful scientist mage to reproduce Marcus’ work, subsequent creator of the vast majority of the aquatic Kelvics.
  • Liam Alvaros - Avian Specialist with particular focus on Raptor Kelvics.
  • Savona Tomva – Security Specialist.. Her work revolved around personal protection.
  • Jagtar Huvun – Intelligence Specialist. His work spearheaded small Kelvics with talents for intelligence gathering.
  • Rose Neeli – Comfort and Care specialist. Her work united helper Kelvics with needful handicapped or war veterans.
  • Devon Harimore – Dire specialist and size adjustor.
  • Lia Avatra – Pleasure and Leisure specialist. Lia branched Kelvics out into more profitable occupations to generate income for the group.
  • Jacques Moriarty – Exiled for wildly unorthodox experimentation. His specialty is unknown.
  • Jacob Nival – Interrogation and Information Mining specialist. Dead of an accident in his own laboratory in the early days of the Kelvic project.

Ironrock was as large as a small city. In addition to this elite team of scientists and mages, the fortress housed servants, workers, and the families of these men and women. Not only where there adults, but Ironrock teamed with children and kelvics as well, all filling the fortress with a whole host of lively personalities and cultural diversity. Since Ironrock was so isolated, even in the days of the Suvan Empire, everything the Fortress needed it had to provide for itself. That meant housing craftsman and women alike in order to maintain the comfort and levels of technology the scientists required.

History Continued

We can survive better than most.
Because of the vast interests and expertise of the Alizarin Team, Kelvics of all shapes and forms came into existence. While Marcus was solely focused on the search for his missing twin sister, his staff had other interests as well. These noted recluses of Ironrock trusted no one and, in their pursuit of their magical studies, found themselves not wishing to bother with either hiring servants or carrying out the mundane tasks that existed in their daily life. Thus they took animals that were particularly good at specific tasks - rats for cleaning, wolves for guardsman, birds for scouting, and horses for mounts - and brought them into existence as servants and arms men.. There was no species they left untampered with as they fulfilled every one of their needs. Weaver birds produced cloth and linens for Ironrock, while squirrels foraged for food for the residents. Cats graced their laps as companions and mouse control – often providing sexual pleasure for their bondmates - while stout horses carried this team on their various errands.

The Bond crafted into these creations ensured the Kelvics served their master’s faithfully. Marcus demanded extreme loyalty and protectiveness of his creations and staff, and eventually when he perfected them to his liking allowed them to breed. Once Kelvics began to breed, both with each other and with their bondmates, the race’s survival as a viable new population on Mizahar was ensured.

We are in our element almost anywhere.
After the initial first generations of Kelvics, the genetics behind the creation of the Kelvics and the fusing of the Kelderon Mimic into human and animal DNA seemed to branch out and flood the known human world with their presence. Having two forms, these shape shifters move freely between their animalistic natures and human forms, often allowing them to blend and integrate fully with human societies. Pre-Valterrian, The Kelvic-factor, as this unique genetic expression came to be called, would mostly breed true. Certain individuals, such as Morwen in Avanthal were gifted with the knowledge to make this happen so that she could establish a dire polar bear guard to ensure Avanthal’s survival in its early founding days.

Once it was established that the Kelvic factor seemed to skip multiple generations since it was infected with the Divine Djed Storms of The Valterrian, most of the secrets of the creation of the Kelvic race as a whole were lost. Harder to study, these rare beings often lay dormant in bloodlines for generation upon generation before cropping up unexpectedly in human offspring.

The Kelvic are bestial and often reflect the natures of their 'animal' side. Because Marcus Kelvic crafted his companions from all sorts of animals for all sorts of reasons (horses for mounts, mice for spies, birds for scouts, wolves for protection, etc), a Kelvic's beast side can be almost any sort of mammal, bird, or exotic (with permission). There are even rumors that certain scientists – namely Jacques Moriarty – were exiled for attempting to create throw-away Kelvics for such things as food or their valuable pelts. Kelvics retain certain features prominent in their beast form while in their human form (cat-shaped eyes, prominent canine teeth) and have several unique talents that are endemic to both forms. The magic of the Valterrian also changed the Kelvic Factor somewhat. Due to the extreme amounts of Wild Djed pooling throughout the world, the Kelvic Factor branched out and seemed to manifest itself as any of the living mammals and birds that were currently alive during the Valterrian. Pre-Valterian Kelvics tended to follow bloodlines and were only seen in creatures The Alizarin Team deliberately infected with Kelderon Mimics. The power of the Valterrian, however, seemed to make these mimics stronger and more diverse, harvesting their much needed source code from almost he very air itself.

Once the Kelvic Factor stopped breeding true, the race’s future became more uncertain. Sometimes they produced normal humans that carried the secret in their blood for generations before it would abruptly erupt in the birth of a Kelvic child. Because Marcus Kelvic and the Alizarin Team sold off or gifted the 'throwbacks' that were fully human as slaves (mostly for fundraising), this bloodline dispersed into The Suvan Empire a single individual at a time before the Valterrian. During the Valterrian, Ironrock and Marcus Kelvic (as well as the whole Alizarin Team) were assumed destroyed. No one has ever found Ironrock's true location since. And while the vast majority of the Kelvic were considered lost as well, a small population of these faithful servants survived to disperse out into the world to begin to make a strong comeback in the early 500’s. However, only humans and kelvics can carry the kelvic factor gene.

Myrna’s Alizarin Team has never been found, even with all the Kelvics sent out and off world to look for her. It is thought, as well, that deep down part of the Kelvics driving force to ‘seek’ a bondmate is also their latent programming via Marcus to find Myrna. This ‘programming’ does not quiet itself in a Kelvic until a bondmate is found and bonded.

The Kelderon Mimic

The Kelderon Mimic.

As utilized by Marcus Kelvic, the Kelderon Mimic was the gold mine Myrna Kelvic discovered on one of her many off world harvests. Originating from Kelderon, this creature resembled a mist that was easily contained within a glass or metal air-tight container. When exposed to a Mizaharian mammal or bird and having secretive and highly specialized arcana preformed, the mimic fused with the mammal permanently and then was able to take other infusions of genetic material (such as human blood) and shape shift into something resembling that information contained within the blood. While early experiments often had animals shifting into other animals instead of humans, these experiments never retained sanity and the physical fitness that was required for survival. These early non-human experiments also proved ineffective as any sort of useful creation for the Suvan Magical Engineers of the Alizarin Team.

Kelderon Mimics cannot be removed from a Kelvic nor duplicated or traits transferred via alchemy or utilized in any other way magically other than how Marcus Kelvic and the Alizarin Team utilized them due to the fact they are already integrated into flesh. A raw mimic, never utilized, may be able to be manipulated in similar ways as the Alizarin Team did. That would, however, require finding Kelderon and harvesting a mimic for such a task. The coordinates of Kelderon were only known by Marcus Kelvic and the secret to its location is thought to be tied to Marcus Kelvic’s fate.


Physical Appearance

These are my two forms. I can appear as either.

The Kelvic people look like normal humans. And like normal humans, their phenotype expression (the way they look) depends upon how their parents looked and what traits their parents passed onto them. Upon a brief cursory examination, one would simply think they are absolutely normal. But upon closer inspection, depending upon the Kelvic's animal base, there would be subtle but notable differences. An eagle version of a Kelvic might have enormous golden eyes with large pupils and a fierce expression. A wolf Kelvic might have brindled hair coloring and unusual canine eyes. A feline Kelvic might have pupils that are split vertically and slightly sharper teeth than a normal human would have. Physically, Kelvics vary wildly in their human seeming just as humans themselves vary widely in their human appearance. The Kelvics animal form MUST have a trait

However, one notable difference between true humans and Kelvics in human form is the fact that Kelvics appear to move more gracefully or take on physical habits that resemble their true nature: a mouse Kelvic might appear extremely nervous while a raptor Kelvic might have no qualms about staring at someone fiercely. Kelvics can neither alter their human appearance nor have a choice in how they look. Their animal forms look exactly identical to their wild fully animal counter parts. Kelvics were born into the world in their human or first form, but the truth is they are just as comfortable in their animal forms, whatever that form that may be. Kelvics never have issues shifting between forms. And there’s never been a case of a Kelvic not knowing how to shift their shape.

Common Traits

We might seem strange to you, but our lives are perfectly normal.

The Kelvic people have no common physical traits. There is no single uniform physical, emotional or mental trait that can be singled out, considering they are all from such diverse backgrounds and experiences. All Kelvics, however, can shape shift from a human form to a singular animal form at will. The animal form a Kelvic assumes is absolutely indistinguishable from a wild non-Kelvic animal of the same species. For example, a Kelvic shape shifted into a bear would be unrecognizable as a non-natural bear. A Kelvic deer would be able to approach and graze with normal deer mostly unchallenged. They can shape shift as often as they like during a single day and are as comfortable in one form as they are in another. The changes, however, are taxing and can cause fatigue and extreme hunger. For example, if a canine Kelvic changes often, it will need to fuel its body frequently, so one might note a Kelvic in human form wolfing down a plate of extremely rare beef to maintain its energy levels or it will not be able to shape shift. Kelvics have no middle form and cannot stop their shape shift (once it's started) halfway between one form and another. They cannot, for example, grow extremely long claws on their human form. To have claws, they need to shift completely into their beast form, if it indeed has claws.

If a Kelvic's animal form has extremely good vision, sense of smell, or any other special ability, that ability transfers with their shape shifting over to their human form as well. Special Permission might have to be acquired to outline very clearly the strengths and weaknesses of these abilities. However, one note of caution in regards to these abilities transferring from one form to the next. If these abilities require special structures, such as a dolphin’s ability to echolocate, the Kelvic can not have that same ability in their human form unless that human form as the structure to produce that ability. Acute vision requires eyes that are still shaped and wired the same way as the animal’s eyes are to make these abilities transfer. Natural immunities or resistances – say immunity to certain venoms or the ability to digest otherwise toxic plants – transfer automatically between forms. Any sort of high constitutions or thick sins also tend to transfer between forms..

If a Kelvic as an animal has a scar, that scar is always visible on its human form. If a Kelvic gets tattooed as a human, that tattoo would be visible on the Kelvic animal’s skin as well. Hair dye tends not to transfer nor do hair styles affect animal forms since one shape is traded for the next. Any sort of physical injury, however, does transfer. Kelvic shape shifting does not augment or speedup healing in any sense at all. Any sort of piercing will transfer between one form to another since Kelvics do not shape shift clothing or such things as collars away.


Am I not a thing of beauty?

These creatures are extremely complicated psychologically. Their entire existence has been crafted with a powerful deep-seated need to serve loyally and faithfully. The Kelvics tend to spend most of their lives looking for leadership to partner too. That is not to say that Kelvics are submissive. Like all creatures, a Kelvic can be dominant, submissive, or somewhere in between. They often pair up with humans or other races and take on a partnership (yet highly protective and obedient) role. Kelvics are completely uninhibited emotionally and physically, which is why a great deal of them does not live very long. Predator-based Kelvics tend to be prone to fighting and have a hard time adapting to the rules of society, unless those rules are reinforced by and important too someone they bond with.

Kelvics are often demonstrative of their affection, if their animal side has that sort of nature, and highly protective of their friends and family. Social animals, such as wolves or ravens, have been known to be some of the best most sought after bondmates due to their easy emersion into society among large groups or families. Other individuals, particularly felines, are sometimes (there are exceptions always) miserable when put into group situations and prefer the solitude of only their bondmate’s company. Servitude comes in many forms. The act of sewing a shirt for one's bondmate might bring a Kelvic a great deal of pleasure. Killing the enemy of one's bondmate might be even more gratifying. Kelvics are often assume on the role of lovers, confidants and keepers of secrets. Most Kelvics would rather slit their own throats (and would) than reveal their bondmate's secrets or endanger their bonded humans in any way.

Because of a Kelvics aging process – they grow up so fast – they tend to be on the lower side of the knowledgeable scale. This is often assumed to be a lack of intelligence when in fact it is simply a lack of education. Young Kelvics, much like young humans, find advanced academic topics (Math, Science, History and Magic) uninteresting and difficult to learn. Once they have matured and have bonded, their interests can change and they can develop a fondness for such skills. For example, it would be uncommon to find a Kelvic that could actually write, do basic math, or discuss logic that is in their first or second year and unbonded. Why? Because of their age process, Kelvics grow up fast and often skip the lower education most humans and other sentient creatures receive.

Such education takes time and patience which young Kelvics may lack. They are overwhelmingly simple creatures with simple needs in their short youth and before they are bonded. Once they mature, settle, and bond Kelvics can gain any sort of knowledge they decide too, including magic and complex topics in science, art, and even education. Kelvics do not lack intelligence, though this is an easy mistake for most people to make when not taking all aspects of the race into account. It is quite clear that Marcus Kelvic bred intelligence into them. They simply find studying and formal learning to be unenjoyable or uninteresting during earlier periods of their development, something that isn’t uncommon in other races. Basically, once mature and bonded, Kelvics are not limited by their race in regards to their learning.

Because they are as much human as they are animal, Kelvics do not go feral or revert to one form or another and stay in it. To them, there is no difference between the creature they are on two legs, four legs, or with wings. When they switch forms, they do not switch mentalities or psychology. Who they are, essentially, always remains constant.


Modesty is not in our vocabulary.

Kelvics reproduce much in the same way as humans do, though their reproductive cycles do not often follow their human counterparts. First and foremost, Marcus Kelvic made sure (as a means of population control) that Kelvics could only get pregnant in their human form. They cannot reproduce with their animal counterparts. However, due to the Kelderon Mimic’s influence, most Kelvic reproductive cycles follows that of their animal counterpart. For example, female Kelvics do not have a normal menstrual cycle. Instead, they follow the cycles of reproduction their animal forms share. A Blue Whale Kelvic (a rare creature indeed) will feel the need to mate mostly in the winter to early spring only every two to three years. Once pregnant, she will then always carry her child (singular – twins are rare) for nine months.

In the early stages of pregnancy, the infused Kelderon Mimic protects the child growing within the mother’s womb during shifts. However, once the mother is far enough along to start showing, the Kelvic will loose the urge to shift entirely until the child is born. They CAN shift, but to do so always endangers the child’s life. Kelvic females who shift regularly after they are pregnant in the second trimester run a very high risk of miscarriage. Captive Kelvics in breeding programs, for this reason alone, are often collared and prevented from shifting, even accidentally. Bonded Kelvics may opt for the same thing to prevent accidental miscarriage due to a fight or flight response. Other types of Kelvics, mice for example, might go into estrus at any moment (by being exposed to the smell of male urine for example) and will not cease estrus until pregnant. For this reason, mice Kelvics make excellent breeders of Kelvics and are often highly sought after in such places as Ravok.

Kelvics will usually produce a human from mating with normal humans, as there are no half Kelvics. Kelvics can rarely produce Kelvics when coupled with humans, but almost never twice in a single generation. Kelvics are incapable of producing children with any race other than humans and Kelvics, with the exception of the Akalak (but the Kelvic will always birth an Akalak child, never a Kelvic). Because Kelvics are infused with the Kelderon Mimic, they do not always play by the rules of genetics. When a Kelvic mates with a Kelvic though, there is almost a full guarantee they will produce Kelvic offspring. It does not matter which sort of animal base is combined with another animal base; the resulting base animal form is often random and almost NEVER the same type of base animal the parents were. Wolves might produce mice, while rabbits might produce an owl. Kelvic women tend to raise their offspring to maturity, at which point the young will leave their family unit in search of a bondmate. It is said that Morwen, the Queen of Avanthal, knows the secret to picking and choosing what animal forms are produced via Kelvics crossing with Kelvics. The polar bear Kelvics that make up her Icewatch almost certainly verify this claim because they always tend to breed true.

Aging & Longevity

I am only weeks old.

Aging is different for every Kelvic. It’s highly dependent upon the base animal species. Kelvics can reproduce one offspring each year and are sexually mature in the length of time it takes their animal form to mature. If their animal form is sexually mature at one year of age, then the Kelvic tends to be as well. If their base animal only lives one or two years before death, that Kelvic might be mature at a singular month of age. They grow extremely quickly and their longevity is tied to the longevity of their animal form. So an elephant Kelvic may live fifty to eighty years while a house mouse might live one to three years. No two Kelvics are alike, but in general, most Kelvics are mature at one or two years of age. Again, lifespan of a Kelvic depends upon the longevity of their base animal. This varies from Kelvic to Kelvic. The human form of a Kelvic always reflects the maturity level of an animal form. In this, Kelvics transformations do not work both ways. The animal form DOES NOT reflect the aging of the human form but the human form does reflect the aging of the Kelvic form. Incredibly long lived species might take years to mature.

Now, as a Kelvic grows, he or she knows what their animal form is almost from the first time they becomes self aware. Others may recognize a Kelvic due to their unusual growth rate, but the knowledge of what the animal form is remains the Kelvics own unless they communicate the information to others or their mannerisms give them away. There is no way to predict (unless you are Morwen) what a Kelvic’s animal will be prior to the Kelvic’s birth.


I serve Morwen. She breathed life into me as only Marcus' Grandmother can.

The ability to shift back and forth between their animal form and their human form is an inherent gift every Kelvic has. They never forget it or fail to be able to do it. Each shift looks exactly identical from Kelvic to Kelvic. Every last one is virtually alike. There are no rearranging of bones, no pain, and no switching around of tissue for Kelvics like there are for morphers. The shift seems to simply consist of a Kelvic borrowing a human form from somewhere deep inside and assuming it. The opposite happens when they shape shift into an animal. One form (either human or animal) is neither more comfortable for them than the other. Each form is equally comfortable.

Kelvics do not magically 'store' their items or have their things otherwise shift with them when they change shape. While their shape shifting appears magical when it happens, due to the fact their forms dissolve in a swirl of lights and reform all in the same instant, they do not shift their items with them. A Kelvic must be nude to shift fully or run the risk of destroying their clothing (if human shifting to beast) or harming themselves if they are wearing something too tight or restraining which might cause choking or disfigurement when they reform into something larger or smaller.

Often, those that keep Kelvics captive will use this fact as an advantage to control them. Kelvics with large animal forms (wolves, great cats, horses, etc) are often collared as humans to prevent shifting. Conversely Kelvics with smaller animal forms (such as birds) are often left in their animal form and made to wear jesses or hoods or other restraining devices to prevent their shift back to humans. Kelvics can shift unlimited times a day if unhindered. As a result of their need to shed clothing before shifting, they often have no modesty and find nothing wrong or unusual about nudity. They are often forgiven, in civilized areas where nudity is considered taboo, due to their nature if they are indeed caught breaking clothing laws.

Once in animal form, Kelvics do not loose their humanity. Nor do they loose their animalistic side once they’ve left their animal form behind. Each is a perfect blending of the other. Kelvics are fully in control of their shifting as well. They can be forced into uncontrollable shifts by a drug called Mevakal the Black Sun has developed. Mevakal often is used as a discipline and training tool for Rhysol’s elite to force obedience upon Kelvics. Kelvic do not shift to or from their natural form out of fear, anger, or any other strong emotion as a reactionary action. Instead, they must consciously do so unless otherwise effected by Hypnotism or perhaps the Mevakal.

Bonding & Bondmates

The bonding is complete.

Bonds among Kelvics and their bondmates are tangible things. A bond cannot be forced nor made by fear or pain. When a bond forms, most partners must be willing. For each pair – Kelvic and Bondmate – the process is different. However, in general the situation resembles or is very similar to falling in love abruptly. Bonding is almost never a slow process. It is usually abrupt, unexpected, and a surprise to both parties. Kelvics can only bond to one person at a time, though Bondmates may have more than one Kelvic bound to them.

There are several forms of Kelvic bonds and those bonds vary from their depth and degree. The first type is a light bond, made early and easily. People, often children, receive Kelvics as pets and bond easily to them so long as the Kelvic is very young and their personality hasn’t completely finished forming. The resulting bond is not a strong core-deep bond but rather very lightly made.. The Kelvics are protective, but not deeply choosy and demanding. These Kelvic with early light bonds also do not develop well after bonding. Their minds seem to freeze in a state of servitude that does not allow them to develop cognitive skills like a normal young adult would. In other words, a very young bonded Kelvic halts somewhat in their development and stays very simplistic if they bond too young. They also recover very well if their bondmates die or otherwise reject them. They can be bought and sold, and though their ties with their previous owners are severed, they can rebond easily to other owners.

These are the types of Kelvic they the only types of Kelvics that make good slaves and never really develop much intelligence or independence, which truthfully can be said of non-Kelvic individuals brought up in ignorance and slavery as well.

The second type of bonding Kelvics can be exposed too is by and large preferable. The Kelvics that are allowed to come to age without bonding, especially those long-lived breeds, tend to develop more human qualities and a deeper depth of character that indicates more complex thinking and reasoning. This is a process that normally takes guidance where a Kelvic is monitored and not allowed to bond until they are well into their maturity usually around the equivalent of a second year of age. The Kelvic must reach sexual maturity without bonding and must be challenged into learning and questioning things they learn. In general these unbonded Kelvic are smarter and can puzzle out problems. These Kelvic do not bond easily, and if they are held back to mature until they are several years old, they will find it almost impossible to form a bond unless just the right individual comes along. Kelvics who have been withheld from bonding are more human and less animalistic overall. They develop complex personalities with their own set of dislikes and likes, rather than becoming mirrors that reflect the likes and dislikes of their owners.

We've been together a long while.
However, the danger in holding a Kelvic back from their maturity is the depth of the bond. Older Kelvics who are unbonded well into their second year often form very complex tightly woven bonds and may be unable to bond again if something happens to their bondmates. These ties are highly emotional and of a nature that merits more study. In Avanthal, polar bear Kelvics form an elite guard to the Queen of Avanthal, Morwen. They all have late bonds, and to speak with them means one notices their humanity immediately. In fact, it is hard to even remotely tell they are Kelvic unless they are studied more intently. These types of Kelvic find it incredibly hard to get over the severing of their bonds. If a bondmate happens to die, they often mourn so intensely they themselves loose their own life. These types of bonds tend to be so deep that the Kelvic is considered a member of the household – a spouse, a husband, even a child.

To bond with a Kelvic, each bondmate must be willing. The process of bonding varies from person to Kelvic and from Kelvic to person, but it is often abrupt, unasked for, and a surprise if the bond is via a fully mature unbonded Kelvic. Young Kelvics bonding are simplistic things and happen easily. One can equate the longer deeper bonds to falling in love, though the bond itself is not sexual in nature. Bonded Kelvics can feel attraction to their mates and enter into a sexual relationship with them and often do. However this is not necessarily what will happen. Bondmates can be male to male, female to female, or female to male. Same sex Bondings often start out with a deep mutually respectful friendship, while mixed sexes often come in the form of a romance. But it is not unheard of for homosexual relationships to develop between same sex Bondings as well. It is really up to the Bondmates and what they prefer or how their relationship develops.

We are sisters.
To bond is to recognize something within the other. It is always ‘voluntary’ but it’s not often planned. If a likely meshing duo comes into contact with each other, odds are if they are going to bond it will happen incredibly fast. Kelvics and other sentient folks that spend time in each other’s company and don’t bond right away often will not or are not right for one another.

Bonds can be broken abruptly, especially the light bonds of a young Kelvic. If they are abused or neglected, often the bond will dissolve and free the Kelvic from emotional attachment. Bondmates can also sever bonds. The process is a great deal like visualizing the bond as a silver cord connecting the two individuals. To severe a bond, the bondmate will reach out mentally with a dagger or some other sort of ‘made up’ weapon and visualize in his or her mind the bond being severed. Once severed, this is often devastating to the Kelvic, especially if they bonded late and deeply. More often than not they will survive, but the emotional scars from having a bond severed will run deep. Also, the longer a pair is bonded, the deeper the bond gets between them. Bonds can grow and change, over time.

After Kelvics are bonded, the link between the two can provide specific information to each of the bondmates. For example, while bondmates CANNOT communicate telepathically to each other, they can get all sorts of information about their Kelvic or bondmate otherwise. Bonds can transfer emotions (love, contentment), states of being (fear, pain, hunger), and even tidbits of information like general location so long as bondmates are in the same Domains. A bondmate can even summon a Kelvic through their bond, though not by words, but by transmitting the need for that Kelvic to appear. These bond traits fade as bondmates get further and further apart. Outside of the same Domains, Kelvics cannot locate their bondmates or share their feelings with each other, etc.

Below is a first hand accounting of the powerful mage Zilvia Winters and her description of her bond to her Kelvic horse Ulvik.

“I believe it is somehow partially magic and partially nature that binds the two together. I have often studied my own bond with Ulvik and know specific things about it. I know, through it, how he is feeling and what he is doing. He can hide very little of his emotions from me, and I assume that by the way he responds to mine, he understands my own. As time passes, the bond strengthens and there are times I know where he is, and sometimes even what he is doing. I once thought the bond was injecting artificial feelings of love and passion between us, but after studying quite a few Kelvics and all their various bonds, I understand more now. I think that while a bond can link a Kelvic and a human and lead them to intimate feelings, I would have loved Ulvik just as much as a man, without the added Kelvic burden. Kelvics are extraordinary creatures though. They are hard not to find fascination with. I do believe my life is better with my bondmate than it ever could have been without. I think Eyris every day for his presence”

Kelvics cannot bond to other Kelvics, ever. They must bond to sentient peoples only.


We are a reflection of each other.

Mirroring is a very real quality when it comes to a Kelvics and their bondmates. It seems to happen to each of them in equal measures. Those that bond deeply connect to their bondmates in a whole myriad of ways that manifest in strange and unusual behaviors that may be outside the normal Kelvic or bondmate parameters. It seems that when a Kelvic bonds, especially an older one whose development has not halted abruptly, they start to take an interest in what their bondmate likes. A Kelvic that bonds to a studious bondmate might have completely disliked study and reading before bonding with his bondmate suddenly finds an interest in such activities. Sticking with the same example, the Kelvics reading comprehension often improved dramatically, and they begin to seem to enjoy studying. These newly scholastic Kelvics often make insights and observations the most practiced reader would not about what they have just read. Kelvics also notice changes in their bondmates. A stoic highly emotionally controlled bondmate might bond to and emotional Kelvic and find their own emotion to running more freely and express themselves in way they never had before.

Calm homebody bondmates may become more restless and travel far more frequently than they normally would without bonding to their Kelvics. This mutual process is called mirroring.

Mirroring also helps with Kelvic training. Kelvics are notoriously hard to train unbonded. They simply learn things at their own pace and do not truly develop a personal sense of ethics until they get older. Kelvics run on instinct which can cause a problem with prey species, and indeed an equally large problem in predator species. Birds are flighty, and mice are nervous. Truth be told, people who hold captive unbonded Kelvic have invented all sorts of means to control them, but nothing works as well as a good bond. Tight leather or metal collars can be placed around the neck of shifters who move between forms that are larger than their human form, and just as easily such bands can be applied to birds or smaller species while they are in their animal forms to keep them from becoming human.

Make no mistake though. Kelvics are not human, nor do they become human through bonding. They mimic humanity with an ease in which some snakes that are non-venomous mimic highly venomous versions. Once bonded, however, they discover a humanity that they borrow through those they are bonded with. That is why it is so important that they pair up appropriately with the urge to bond guiding them. Bonds generally urge like to like rather than opposite to opposite – though it still does happen. It is likely possible that a gentle Kelvic who bonds with an aggressive or abusive human, can then themselves turn aggressive through mirroring, loosing their positive qualities.


Bonded Kelvics and their Bondmates can communicate with each other through their bond conveying strong emotions, feelings, and general non-verbal things. However, due to a Character Wish in Fall of 519, PC or NPC that is also active or actively rp'd respectively - more than two full seasons - can develop within that bond the ability for that emotional and locational knowledge to evolve into full-fledged verbal communication aka true language and conversation mentally between the two bondmates.


Social Structure

I belong to no one and nothing.

There is no formal social structure nor do Kelvics enjoy a ‘society’. Instead they exist among already established societies like Syliras or Ravok. The Kelvic tend to live solo lives bonded to just one bondmate which they serve. Kelvics adopt the social structure of their bondmate and are most comfortable within that social structure after bonding via mirroring. Pack animals, like wolves, do not act like pack animals and seek the company of other Kelvics. Instead, they act in conjunction with loner animals and are usually on their own. Kelvics do not tend to be born into their natural habitat (unless they are Dire Polar Bear bread in Avanthal) and one can easily have an aquatic Kelvic accidentally born in the desert as one could have a hot climate Kelvic born in the snow. Like every other creature they must adapt to their environment or they will not survive.

Kelvics have no ability to recognize other Kelvics beyond what anyone else Kelvic or not might doe to recognize one – namely body language, sudden nudity, witnessing a shape shift.


Kelvics can speak Common and often the local tongue as well. In addition, Kelvics can openly communicate with any animal that is remotely related to their 'bestial' form. For example, canine Kelvics can speak the language of almost any closely related canines they come across, openly communicating with them. The term ‘language’ is loosely used however, since mainly these animals communicate in vocalizations, body language and posturing. It is neither a written language nor a spoken one, but rather the ability to communicate with another of their species by interactions. In sticking with the canine example, wolves could definitely understand wolves, but a wolf may not be able to understand what a domestic dog is saying nor vice versa. They might be able to get the general idea, but in terms of having in depth conversations, the practicality is just not there. Big cats can speak to big cats easily enough, but they might have trouble, again, with their domestic cousins. Songbirds might be able to communicate to whole host of other species of songbirds and sparrows, but when it comes to speaking with raptors or humming birds they might be completely out of luck.

In terms of spoken and written languages, Kelvics can learn new ones just as easily as other sentient life can. In fact, if their bondmate speaks a language other than what the Kelvic knows, they can often learn that language in a tenth of the time a normal non-Kelvic could due to their bondmate’s ability to transfer meaning through the link without words. Again, mirroring is responsible for this effect. The same goes for a bondmate that doesn’t know a language a Kelvic knows. The learning is incredibly fast and augmented.


There are no special names that Kelvics tend to take. They aren't partial to names and will often switch names as their bonds switch. Someone might purchase a Kelvic slave for protection for a young child and then allow that child to rename that Kelvic whatever they want. The Kelvic normally has no problem with this and will answer to whatever it is called.

Family Life

Taking care of baby kelvics.

Kelvics often have no family other than that which their bondmates have. They fit into the family dynamics much like a favorite pet, lover, or child would. In some cultures, such as the Akalaks of Riverfall, they are often spoiled, indulged or treated as some sort of second-class citizen or even slave. Kelvics rarely live with other Kelvics, and when this does happen it's an unusual situation with unique characteristics. In other cultures and individual cases, Bondmates can marry, become couples and raise families together.

Everyday Life

I don't look like an animal do I?

Everyday life is dictated by what is considered 'normal' for those that the Kelvic bonds with. They normally spend the night with their bondmates, never getting too far. They either share their beds with them, or sleep at the foot of their bondmate’s bed much like a pet dog, or guarding the sleep of those with whom they are bonded. Some Kelvics patrol the property of their bondmate while the bondmate sleeps. They then follow their owners or bonded throughout their day, adding support, company, protection, and comfort. In establishments that do not allow pets through the doors, often an exception is made for a Kelvic so long as they are assured to remain properly attired and behaved.

Like other sentient creatures, Kelvics can have hobbies and interests that are not related to their bondmates. A fearsome wolverine Kelvic might be found writing love poems on the side while a docile deer Kelvic may take up combat to better defend themselves in human form. Mirroring can take an active role in this, but also Kelvics are curious and if the mind of their bondmate is bright and active, they too will be bright and active seeking to learn new things and meet new people.

Regardless of how solitary or sedentary their bondmates are, Kelvics still need to keep in touch with their animal side. Bird Kelvics need to get out and fly routinely to remain mentally healthy while big predators have to hunt in order to remain happy. Horses need to get out of the city and run or graze while squirrel Kelvics would not be happy without some foraging time on their own. Depending upon what their animal form is, Kelvics often have very little trouble surviving outside of the settled cities of Mizahar. That doesn’t mean, however, they don’t have expenses and needs. Kelvic PCs need to pay the same expenses as other PCs in terms of seasonal money. They can, however, justify surviving at a lot lower level than most other PCs in civilized lands.


The Kelvics are just like any other people. They can worship Gods and serve them with blind devotion or find the concept of religion a particularly hard (or possibly boring) to grasp depending on the individual and when they bonded. Some are frankly just not interested in faith while other Kelvics are obsessed with it. There has even been a rumor of a Kelvic bonding with or serving a god or a child of the gods willingly. A particularly faithful servant of one of the deities might be gifted with a Kelvic by that deity to ensure their faithful servant is well protected and cared for. Just because Kelvics rarely pay much attention to religion, in general, doesn't mean they can't have religious persuasions or serve multiple deities faithfully. Sometimes, they are even singled out by Gods to perform certain tasks or be trusted with things best suited for a Kelvic with their nature. Kelvics are inclined to take an interest in faith if their bondmates have such interests, as they tend to share the hopes, dreams and fears of those they pair up with. Just like any other sentient being, Kelvics can have Gnosis Marks as well.


Kelvics get along fine with other kelvics.

Kelvic diets enjoy an interesting twist do to the Kelderon Mimic. If an animal form prefers raw meat, that feeding will not effect the human form. Conversely a grazing animal like a horse will not make a human form ill by shape shifting into a human with a belly full of grass. The symbiote’s influence has solved this problem (along with Marcus Kelvics hard work). In addition, a dire animal that consumes say an entire deer and then transforms into a human will not have an issue with stomach contents threatening their lives. They will simply just enjoy not being hungry for a long while and an overabundance of food derived energy.

However, if a Kelvic starves in one form, they will indeed starve in another form. Traits like the ability of Camels to retain water in the desert might also carry over somewhat in that the Kelvic’s human side might survive on less water than a normal human. Each Kelvic and each animal situation is unique. There is no set formula and no straight answer.


Like anyone practicing Morphing, Kelvic shapes shifts transfer injuries from one form to another. The shape shift of a Kelvic is not particularly healing. Normal herbalism and medicine techniques work as well on Kelvics in either form as they do on humans and other species. If anything, Kelvics are less likely to get sick due to certain situations like food poisoning or bacteria on food due to the Kelderon Mimic assisting the transfer of food energy from one form to another without the Kelvic taking damage. Even though forms are traded out in a swirl of lights during shape shifting, injuries do transfer and illness remains the same in either form. If a toe was broken in human form on a Kelvic horse, an entire hoof might be damaged in the animal form to reflect physiology. Kelvics heal at the same rate as humans or animals depending on which form they are doing their healing in.

OOC Info

When selecting a Kelvic base animal, it is the player’s responsibility to be utterly familiar with the life cycle of that animal. They should take the time to familiarize themselves with diet, reproduction, aging, and habitat of whatever animal they choose to make into a Mizaharian Kelvic. Please use animals that have well established lifecycles and steer clear of extinct or fantastical animals like Jackalopes.

At present time, the Kelderon Mimic and the world of Kelderon is unavailable for more player manipulation and experimentation. Marcus Kelvic and his sister Myrna Kelvic might very well be alive and well somewhere. And it is more than okay to role-play Kelvics having a drive or deep seeded need to find someone lost.

Predatory Kelvics cannot ride horses. They cannot bond to striders. The character, even in human form, will smell like the animal side. Horses are smart creatures and will not tolerate such a presence. Animal husbandry can be used to counteract this natural barrier. Please consult your ST for more information since the kelvic animal, domain lifestyle and breed of horse will all come into play on this matter.

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