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Arairiel Skyglow

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Arairiel Skyglow

The Lighter Twin
Date of birth491 AV (aged 32)
Place of birthAvanthal
TitleSnow-Stained Bows Shop-owner
Bowing and Fletching29
Gnosis marks


Arairiel stands at approximately 5'6, and weighs about 120 pounds. She has a small, round face, that is framed by stick-straight black hair, with several violet-colored highlights. Unlike her older sister Laerchel Skyglow, however, Arairiel tends to leave her hair down. It is long enough where it tumbles past her shoulders, and settles in the middle of her back. Her skin, while very clear, and seemingly devoid of blemishes, is a just a tad lighter than her sister's, which to most who view her, makes her seem unlike most of her kind. Even so, the way she wears her hair, and her skin tone allows the girl's almond-shaped eyes to pop. Her irises are usually a lighter shade of grade, with several dark purple flecks scattered here and there. When she is sad, the grey tends to become more prominent, when she is happy, the purple more prominent. When this is the case, her pale pink lips seem to fade into her flesh more than usual.

Although Arairiel is only a few pounds lighter than her sister, she seems far more so. This may be because of how her body was built, in the sense that she has a classical hourglass frame. It may be because she tends to dress in things that make her seem more slender- covering the meatier portions of her body in blacks and darker colors, and the thinner portions in slightly lighter shades. Or it could be because of the fact that she is not very muscular, which makes her seem all the more meek. Whatever the case may be, people often comment on her weight, and her build. How her legs, like her sister's, are longer than her torso, and how she simply plays off of this feature by elongating her legs even further when she wears boots with a small heel.


Arairiel is the younger of the two twenty year old Skyglow twins. She is the more level-headed of the two sisters, and may almost always be found with a smile upon her face. She speaks in a quiet voice, that reminds people of the snow, once it has already fallen. Her sister's voice on the other hand, is more or less like a raging snowstorm. Arairiel takes great pride in her smile, and loves to pass it on to her customers. It is for this very reason that she is willing to haggle with them, since nothing seems to make her happier than making her customers happy. This leads to a great deal of tension between her and her sister from time to time, for they don't exactly see eye to eye on this matter.