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Laerchel Skyglow

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Laerchel Skyglow

The Darker Twin
Date of birth491 AV (aged 32)
Place of birthAvanthal
TitleSnow-Stained Bows Shop-owner
Bowing and Fletching47
Gnosis marks


Laerchel stands at approximately 5'6, and weighs about 125 pounds. She has a small, round face, that is framed by stick-straight black hair, that seems to shine a dark brown in the sunlight. She tends to keep her hair up in a sloppy bun, which hides most of the dark blue and bright purple streaks that linger towards the back of her head. Even though this may be the case, tying her hair up like this so that it remains out of the way, allows those who look upon her to get a better look at her face. Her skin is lighter than most Vantha, which really allows her almond-shaped eyes to pop. Especially when one considers the fact that her irises tend to remain a bright blue-green color, framed by a slender line of black coal. Her nose is small, and seems to melt perfectly into the center of her face, while her lips appear just as delicate, they pop, due to their bright red coloration.

Laerchel is a rather slender girl, although she does not seem to be as much so as her sister, Arairiel Skyglow. This may be due to the fact that she spends far more time outside of the shop getting supplies, as well as making bows and arrows than her sister does. Her work has toned both her legs, and her arms, which, however slender, still appear muscular. Her legs are longer than her torso, which also gives the impression that she is somewhat taller than she truly is. This is simply accentuated by the fact that she oftentimes wears boots with a small heel, which causes her legs to look even longer, and for her to stand somewhere around 5'8 as opposed to 5'6.


Laerchel is the older of the two twins who run Snow-Stained Bows by three minutes, a fact she never lets her sister forget, should Arairiel ever actually want to do something with her life. She is the more hot-headed of the two sisters, and can be prone to arguing with customers from time to time, especially when her sister tries to haggle with them, something she sees as losing them both good money for their hard work and time. Even so, Laerchel is the more gifted of the two girls when it comes to making bows and their arrows, and thus, produces most of the supplies for their store. She also works faster than her sister, which at times, causes her to become somewhat upset with her sibling. She simply cannot understand why Arairiel fails to produce something so simple in what she deems to be a reasonable amount of time. What she fails to understand is that her sister is simply not as interested in making things as she is. Instead, she is far more interested in selling the things Laerchel produces to customers who will put them to good use.