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Asheera, the Clanless One
Date of birth467 AV (aged 56)
Place of birthTaloba
TitleAsheera, the Clanless One

A woman of middling years, Asheera is a strange and peculiar individual among the Myrians. She lives five miles due west from the city, in a small treehouse supported by two tall and sturdy trees. Though pale-skinned, she is Myrian by all appearances, with the her tall, regal frame and cut musculature. One would be hard-pressed to find Myri's mark on her, however. Still, no one questions her coming and going through the city gates. If a guard ever did, they would soon receive a message from one of the Crimson Orchid, telling them to give Asheera passage.

The woman claims no allegiance to any one tribe, nor do any of the Myrian tribes claim her as one of their own. In fact, only the most knowledgeable of the city's inhabitants know of her existence, so aloof and reclusive is she. While those few who know her recognize her as a talented warrior, not all of them know that her greatest skill lie not in the realm of the physical, but of the magical. Asheera is a reimancer of exceptional skill, able to manipulate the very earth to do her bidding or control flames and use them as weapons. Occasionally, she would venture into the marketplace to purchase supplies. While appearing clanless, the Council have issued quiet orders that mandated to the guards and the merchants not to deter her passage from the gates or deny her sale of merchandise.

During her sojourns into the public eye, Asheera always wears a gaudy, many-plumed headdress that covers her eyes, making her look like a strutting peacock. It is a peculiarity everyone took note of, for any Myrian who wears a head piece always does so without it obstructing the eyes or the ears.


Asheera has the blood of Myri's line, her mother a descendant of one of Myri's daughters. However, she is also part Dhani, her mother having been ravaged by a constrictor male one fateful day. The woman chose not to take her life at the rape, nor did she abort her child, choosing self-exile instead to spare her progeny of almost certain death in the hands other Myrians should her heritage be discovered. The woman's original clan, the Crimson Orchid, or at least those who sympathized with her, assisted in constructing a home of mother and child in the jungle, to at least not live like a savage out in the wilds. The Crimson Orchid, however, severed ties with the woman and they never heard from her again...until half a generation later when the woman's child, all grown up now, would occasionally venture the market of Taloba.

A powerful Reimancer in her own right, Asheera's eccentric behavior can nonetheless be attributed as a symptom of overgiving. She keeps her headdress on when with others, to hide the slit-like pupils of her eyes, a sign of her Dhani heritage.

Thread Appearances

Reimancy Initiation
heightLessons LearnedSeyp is initiated by Asheera.