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Goddess of War
TitleGoddess of War, Myri the Merciless, Myri the Usurper
DomainWar, Battle, Victory
Divine rank3
SymbolsClaw marks, blooded weapons
CultsThe Myrians
Worshipped inTaloba

Myri, the Goddess-Queen of the Myrians, is the Goddess of War, Victory, and Battle, and has been since several hundred years before the Valterrian. Sometimes called Myri the Usurper for her triumph over Ruros, she rules from Taloba, the savage, pounding heart of the equally merciless Falyndar.



Myri came from humble beginnings. She was a daughter of a warrior of one of the smaller tribes of the southern ranges of the Suvan Empire, in what would become Falyndar. At a young age, she hardened herself in the fires of battle, learning, fighting, surviving. Despite her younger age, Myri was declared chieftain by the elders of her tribe because of her strength, tenacity, tactical expertise, and her skills in battle. She was shrewd and cunning, and utterly merciless. Her fanaticism, her desire to see her people triumph, drew her followers and support. According to legend, she made a deal with Navre, the God of Cats, promising him followers in exchange for massive dire tigers, the ancestors of what would become known as the Myrian Tigers.

Myri set herself an ambitious goal, a goal that had never been achieved in the region before, and was considered impossible. She planned to conquer the entirety of land around them, and rule it all. As the years went by, slowly but surely, one by one, Myri began to remove all opposition, everyone and anyone, who stood in the way of that goal. Other tribes were offered a choice. Join the growing empire, or be obliterated. What had been considered impossible was soon the reality, and Myri gained control.

Her next goal was the construction of a city, a home, for her people. It didn't matter so much to her that each and every one of them lived there - she envisioned a center of operations, the trading hub which numerous villages were nearby, and a bastion against the forces from the north. The result was Taloba, a massive city named for her mother. With the construction complete, the various tribes elected to unite themselves under one name: they became the Myrians, in honor of the Queen; now worshiped as a goddess for her accomplishments. She bore four children: Miha, Tika, Aira, and her lone son, Zal.

While she may have been worshiped as a goddess, she wasn't one. Ruros, the reigning god of war had heard of the savage queen's triumphs in battle, and that she was considered his equal by her people. While the savages of Falyndar had never paid tribute to Ruros, they did to this mortal woman, calling her the Goddess-Queen. He visited Taloba in disguise, and was so impressed by the fearsome woman with the bones in her hair that he offered to take her as his bride. She refused, and they fought. His remains were impaled in her throne room, where the skeleton is still displayed. She was called Myri the Usurper by some... but she claimed the title, the goddess of war, for herself. She has held it ever since.

At the onset of the Valterrian, Myri ordered her people to take shelter in Taloba in order to try to protect them from the cataclysm. When it was over, they found that the changes were very much to their liking, and Myri set her remaining people on rebuilding, recovering, and repopulating... as well as reclaiming what was theirs: the entire region.

The Shadow Guard

There are rumours of Myri's Shadow Guard, an unnatural army of spirits bolstered by Gnosis marks. They exist to protect Taloba more than the Goddess herself. Only the most savage fanatics join the Guard at death and stick with it. It is said that it was started by Myri's four children after their deaths, and that they still lead it today. Many of the high-ranking officers in the Taloban Army hope to one day serve in the Shadow Guard.


Myri is the goddess of War and Victory. She rules over the city of Taloba. She is often considered the patron goddess of fighters and soldiers, or those embroiled in battle. She also represents personal victories, no matter how small or insignificant.


As a chieftain she was known as Myri the Merciless. She gave no quarter to her enemies, and was ruthless in battle. She is cunning and cutthroat, admiring bravery and strategic thinking. She is devoted to her people and her city, valuing loyalty, commitment, and hard work. She has a low tolerance for fools and laziness. She grants respect based on ability and prowess. To her, the ends can easily justify the means.

Myri is very protective and proud of her people, and sees all of them as her children, especially since her battle with Ruros cost her her ability to bear children.

Relations With Other Gods

Myri maintains close relationships with Dira and Kihala, in particular, as well as friendships with Makutsi, Caiyha, and Navre... the last of whom she is rumoured to have an on and off relationship with.