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Azura Ilune

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Azura Ilune
Date of birth462 AV (aged 61)
Place of birthSyliras
TitleArchmage of the Wizard's Thumb
Gnosis marks


Azura is eccentric and spontaneous, wild and often unpredictable. Prone to fits of laughter at sometimes inappropriate topics, she nonetheless commands an air of authority about her, and is one of the more powerful wizards in Nyka. While she has her own (often unorthodox) way of doing things, she demands respect when doing them. She gauges the wisdom of those she converses with and will even blatantly cut off a person if she deems them unworthy of her time, speaking often but rarely giving advice. She is infinitely proud of her work and rank, and is not afraid to show it; at the same time, she is not afraid to give her time and respect to those who are truly worthy of it. In her free time Azura often enjoys working with clay to craft extravagant sculptures that she sometimes animates for normally mundane purposes, playing the flute, and engaging in philosophical debate with her fellow mages.


As a monk, Azura managed to rise quickly through the hierarchy, having had close friends in the Order before she even joined. Although not originally born to Nyka, Azura has always been generally well liked by those within the ranks of Xannos's monks. She found a penchant for magic at a young age, particularly the art of magecrafting, and so it was to no one's surprise when she was promoted to the priors that she was elected Archmage when the old one passed away.


All who enter the Thumb are treated alike by the Archmage, be they one of Xannos's finest, any other citizen of Nyka, or even a stranger. Whatever their status, Azura will show them the same superior air she gives to all but those closest to her. A foreigner herself, she decides the merit of a person on their skill, and not their heritage. While she shares her words easier than most Nykans, she only teaches her secrets to a select few monks of her own order. Many apprentices are afraid to approach her for fear of being swept away or laughed at for their bravado. The apprentices she does keep around are those who show potential and prove useful to her, whether in experimentation, magical studies, or even to fulfill her quickly passing whims. She will accept no one who wastes her precious time. This attitude has fueled a rivalry for her favor among apprentices and many will try desperately to attain recognition by whatever means necessary.

Credit to Jett