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Boss Rubik

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Boss Rubik
RaceNuit, formerly Human
Date of birth50 BV (aged 573)
Place of birthEastern Alahea
TitlePriest of Uldr
Gnosis marks

Boss Rubik is the Priest of Uldr in the island of Sahova. He is a true gentleman, his demeanor often that of a dignified elderly. Using his talent in auristics and hypnotism, the Boss keeps up a charade of loyalty to Lector Qiao in order to hide the undead followers of Uldr in the Citadel. His subtle subversion against Qiao does not earn him any favors from the Archwizard Zarik Mashaen. The Boss is a fanatic of Uldr, and will use any reason to bring Sahovan Nuits and apprentices into the fold of the Returned.


Boss Rubik usually wears black wizard robes. He switches from body to body at a whim. The only distinguishable item on him is his necklace, whose pendant always barely peeks out of his collar. Those who frequently see the Boss say that he always appear as an elderly man, white tufts of hair puffed like a nest on top of his head. His eyes possess a gentleness that many mistake for modesty and charisma.


The Boss' gentle, accommodating attitude is but the icing of his personality. Deep down he suffers an anguish unlike any other, frustration and disgust for being undead that no living being can ever dare measure. In spite of this, he still carries the personality of Seleumance Varubicht, a kind soul who treats everybody equally and never discriminates.

Although known for his grandfatherly allure, the Boss is actually a double dealing undead. He uses a combination of auristics, hypnotism, and rhetoric to steer a conversation to his favor. He lies, and does so with style. He is the kind of person who doesn't let on what he actually thinks. The Boss manipulates the people around him to do as Uldr bids.

He never turns down anybody who asks for his help, be it a Nuit or a Pulser. He is quick to offer his assistance, seemingly appearing to not need anything in exchange. People are usually unaware until the very last moment of their personal debt, where the Boss would talk briefly about Uldr and try to convert the person into a believer. Most of the time his glib tongue and cunning wits aid in recruiting disciples. His deceit is usually overshadowed by his genuine concern and pleasant manner.


Before the Valterrian, Seleumence Varubicht was one of the popular and kind-hearted teachers in the Royal Academy of Magic in Alahea. He was one of the best Aurists during his living days. He used his talent to better figure out his students and connect with them on a personal and intimate manner. He worked with a method that used "positive reinforcement" on his pupils. He was known for taking in the worst students and shaping them into their best potential.

He was forced by his mentor Sagallius into joining Sahova, Varubicht was disgusted with what he had become and, at one point, was suspected of flipping out on his sanity. He found reprieve in serving Uldr, who gave him powers beyond that of an ordinary Nuit. Since then, he believed that the best method that Sahova must use in order to conquer the world was the power of the true undead.