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Zarik Mashaen

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Zarik Mashaen
RaceNuit, formerly Human
Date of birth38 BV (aged 561)
Place of birthEastern Alahea
TitleFormer Court Mage of Alahea, Archwizard of Sahova

Zarik Mashaen is the archwizard of the small undead settlement of Sahova, an island off the coast of Sylira. Before the cataclysm, he was considered one of the most powerful wizards in Alahea thanks to his Animation skills. He occupied the position of Court Mage for a short period before he was forced to join and lead the new research facility at Sahova, turning himself and the rest of the staff into Nuit undead as part of his Grand Oath. Five centuries later, he still leads Sahova, serving the long dead kingdom of Alahea because of his pledge.


Zarik Mashaen was born into a family of middle-class merchants in eastern Alahea, during a time when the country was ravaged by one of countless wars with Suvan. As Suvan slowly gained the upper hand, royal wizards scoured the lands looking for promising young people that might be able to learn magic for military purposes. Zarik immediately caught the attention of even legendary Court Mage Sagallius with his manyfold talent, especially as a young Animator. His mastery over the creation and preservation of life was impressive.

Mashaen quickly rose through the ranks of wizards, first joining the Seven Robes, then becoming their leader and finally replacing Sagallius himself as Alahean Court Mage after he allegedly went insane from overgiving in a bloody battle to save the king's life. However, Sagallius had lost his sanity, but certainly none of his great power, surpassing even Mashaen's own skills. Removed from his post but still fanatically devoted to Alahea, Sagallius believed that Suva's violent magic could only be countered with even darker and more forbidden magic.

Holding Mashaen's wife and family hostage, Sagallius forced Mashaen to take a Grand Oath, the unbreakable pledge upon the divine halls of Ukalas. He had Mashaen swear that he would found and lead a colony of wizards and scientists, researching weapons and tools for Alahea till the day when it would triumph over Suva. Because Alahea fell with Suva during the Valterrian, this condition cannot be fulfilled anytime soon, and so Mashaen keeps leading Sahova as an undead of his own making.

When Supervisor Drainera betrayed Mashaen, a new figure, Lector Qiao rallied support among the top wizards to overthrow Zarik Mashaen. Although Mashaen still lives, Lector Qiao took control of Sahova, and continues to rule with the support of the Council of Five behind him. Zarik Mashaen was demoted to the rank of Master, and still resides in Sahova in a hidden private lab.

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