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Box Codes

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Box Codes are what are referred to any sort of aesthetic that surrounds a post on Mizahar's forums. These can include any frames, images, style code, etc. Box codes need to be tasteful, fall within the rules of our site, and most importantly stick to the theme. Please keep the colors and text legible. Try to avoid overly bright neons and overly scrolly cursive font as these are considered 'eyebleeders'. Because we ask that all aesthetics be in theme, that means all box code images cannot show any modern attire (tuxedos, baseball hats, sports gear, printed logos) or technology (cell phones, ear buds, etc). Box codes cannot depict superhero or other modern day cultural images (ie. Batman, Spongebob, My Little Pony). And in recent times, box code headers and footers have been getting bigger and bigger to the point they take away from the writing and overall aesthetics of the site. For this reason, we have placed a size limit on box codes. They can be no more than 700 pixels wide and 550 pixels tall for one image. If the image is broken into two parts, such as a top portion and a bottom portion, please significantly cut down both these sizes. A player's writing should make their post stand out, not their distractingly large graphics.

Storytellers have no limits on their codes but are encouraged to maintain the theme. Please see the Signature page for more information about signatures.