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Signatures in Mizahar are small notations which can include banners that are present at the bottom of each user's post both in In Character and Out of Character posts. Signatures often depict something of the user's character. They might include the character's name, image, or even a quotation or saying. Signatures can include links which often lead to helpful pages on the website or a character's Character Sheet. Signatures are not required. However, if they include a banner, those banners must be no larger than 600 pixels wide and 150 pixels tall. Signatures must follow the Rules and Terms of Use and cannot include profanity or nudity. If your signature does not conform to the guidelines in this wiki page, then you will be asked to make corrections. If corrections are not made, signatures will be removed. Please keep moving gifs and other animations off Mizahar. They are considered very annoying by most of the pbase.

Below and center is a sample signature of the proper size:

Please see Box_Codes for rules about Box Codes.