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The Braklin Family

The Braklin Family is a subfaction of the First Wing Families within the Syliran Knights. They were founded by Lilith Braklin, the fifth member of the First Wing of the Dyre Brothers.



The Braklin family has two crossed daggers as their crest. It has a double meaning, the first being the use of twin daggers by the founder, Lilith Braklin, and the second symbolizes both the Konti Suvai and the Akalak Lakan, as the family has an abundant amount of both races in their tree.


Lilith Braklin was the first of her line, a name given to her by Lawrence Dyres when she told him she had none worth repeating. A wisp of a girl unable to protect herself from an abusive father, she fled her farmstead and sought shelter in the budding city of Syliras. Thankful for their protection, she wished to repay their kindness and hospitality. Too small to wield any of the conventional weapons used by the Knights, she instead learned to wield dual daggers, and with deadly effect. She had a natural talent for gathering intelligence and rooting out subterfuge, a side effect of growing up in an abusive household, and she used these skills to become the very first Spymaster for the Order. Since her time, the person who holds that title has never been publicly known, though it is guaranteed that there is one within the ranks of the Knights.


The Braklin family has the greatest numbers of non-humans in its midst. Lilith’s son, Jakore, was a strapping knight who rescued a Konti as she made her way to Syliras on The Call, and before he'd even finished escorting her south the the Gates they'd sworn vows before Chevas. They had six Konti daughters before Jakore died, two of whom remained in Syliras to join the ranks of the Knighthood. Sulai, one of those daughters, fell in love with an Akalak by the name of Hagrol, and persuaded him to join the order as her eldest sister's squire. Their two Akalak sons and one Konti daughter continued their parent’s tradition and joined the order, taking their mother’s name as Hagrol had defied his father in Riverfall and felt it dishonorable to use his name. Because of this the Braklin family consists of approximately 50 percent humans, 25 percent Konti, and 25 percent Akalak.

Only a small portion of the Braklin family are part of subterfuge units, the majority having moved on to more convetional areas such as infantry and cavalry.

Current High-Ranking Members

Notable current Braklins are Stewart Knights Spence Braklin, Kayla Braklin, Tanyelis Braklin, Jynrr Braklin, Atriso Braklin, Kimbis Braklin, and Kali Braklin.