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NotabilityPopulation Center of Sylira
LeaderGrandmaster Loren Dyres
ImportsArt, Crafts, Trade goods, Food
ExportsCurrency, Safety


Syliras, the Fortress City of Peace, is a thriving fortress city on the inland coast of the Suvan Sea that is perhaps the strongest and most stable permanent settlement of humans anywhere in Mizahar. Newly born, Syliras is in no way a place that survived the Valterrian; instead it was carved out in the aftermath when later generations came back to the inland region and began to rebuild. Strangely enough, as if the land around Syliras is sacred, no Gods wander openly here or rule within the city. Instead, it is a true collection of humanity, consisting of people from all across Mizahar.


The climate of Syliras is characterized by hot, dry summers and mild to cool, wet winters. Most of the seasons are quite mild, rarely too hot or too cold.


Syliras lies on the western coast of Sylira and the eastern shores of The Suvan Sea. Newly built, Syliras is only approximately two hundred years old having been founded around an old coastal citadel of the Syliran Knights. It lies on the path of the The Kabrin Road between Taldera and Cyphrus, making it easily accessible by land or sea - assuming that one can survive either of those harrowing journeys.

For more information, please see the Map of Syliras Domain.


The first thing anyone sees upon entering the city of Syliras is the imposing Main Gate, guarded by several Knights who ensure that the safety of the city is maintained.

Within the walls of Syliras, the city is set up in a fairly predictable way: The Wall houses a few businesses such as Traveler's Row and the Windmount Stables, though there are only a handful of locations outside the walls of Stormhold Citadel itself. Any property with a window facing the outside of the castle is hard to come by and very valuable. Once you enter through the gates, you are in enclosed space.

For more information, please see the Map of Syliras.

  • The Fourth Tier, located in the basement of the citadel, is most famously known for the Great Bazaar which is the only true marketplace to be found in the citadel - though the greater part of the Soothing Water Bath lies within the Fourth Tier, the entrance is located on the Third Tier. The greater part of the Fourth Tier serves as storage for Syliras' horde of grain and foodstuffs, as well as bunkers should the citizens of the city need a place to escape to.
  • The Third Tier consists of the ground level of the citadel and is by far the most familiar among the people of Syliras. This vast, winding expanse of corridors and hallways houses most of Syliras' business as well as all civilian residential rooms. Some of the unranked Knights have suites on this level, and the Housing Authority can be found on the Third Tier as a convenience for those newly entering the city.
  • The Second Tier houses many more civilian residential rooms.
  • The First Tier is the domain of the Grandmaster's offices, the Dyres family, the ranking Knights of the Knighthood, and all of their families. It also contains the government facilities, offices, and officials of Syliras and their families.

Kabrin Road

Maintained and controlled by Syliran Knights, the Kabrin Road is the only true road in Mizahar. Much of the foodstuffs and profit for the city come in the form of taxes levied on caravans that travel the road. The taxes are worth the safety that the road provides.


Syliras was founded by the very same men who founded the Syliran Knights, and for much the same reason - to create a stronghold of civilization and a bastion of peace for mankind. And so the Dyres brothers gathered together the first Knights and built a fortified citadel on the shores of the Suvan Sea, calling it Stormhold Citadel.

In the two-hundred plus years since that time, the only thing that has changed about Syliras is the size of the citadel itself. As people made their way to Syliras and petitioned the Knights for protection, they simply expanded the walls of the castle, adding new corridors and additional rooms, until the castle itself grew to house the nearly 50,000 people who call it home today. It is by far the largest settlement in Mizahar and is ruled entirely by the Syliran Knights and Grandmaster Loren Dyres.

Culture and Government

Syliras is overseen by the Syliran Knights, who play the part of both protectors and providers for its citizens. Every inch of property within the Wall is controlled by the Knights. They rule it with a benevolent hand - and an iron fist.

Syliras houses a wide variety of people. Anyone of any race is welcome as long as they abide by the laws, and plentiful work is to be found in the various business and the Knights themselves. They take the safety of Syliras very seriously, and anyone found disturbing that peace is dealt with swiftly and sternly. As such, there are no major crime syndicates; the Knights quickly ferret them out and destroy them before they can fester. Anyone found committing serious acts of crime will swiftly find themselves stuck on the end of a Knight's blade, and quietly disposed of.

The Laws of Syliras

Below are some of the laws established and upheld by the Syliran Knights. This is by no means all of the laws, but they are the ones that deal with the more egregious crimes. Anyone who grew up in Syliras is taught these laws at a young age, and any visitor to the city is responsible for learning the laws and abiding by them.

  • Everyone is to conduct themselves in a civilized manner. Live life with honor. Working hard and sacrificing for the good of the whole will make the whole stronger.
  • All races are welcome in Syliras so long as they act in a helpful, polite, civilized manner.
  • All property in Syliras belongs to the Knighthood. Studios or suites are leased to individuals or families to live in. Business locations may be leased, but because of the limited space, business owners often own stalls in the Great Bazaar rather than true store locations.
  • No magic is allowed inside the city, and those caught practicing will face a penalty related to the perceived danger or threat that the magic has.
  • Violence is heavily discouraged. Anyone who has been threatened or harassed should report such behavior to the Knights rather than take matters into their own hands (or, alternatively, take it outside the Walls).

The Council of Three

Council Chambers are located in the Second Tier.

This is the group that decides the punishment of those arrested by the Syliran Knights. The Council of Three is comprised of two Syliran Knights who have served for at least ten years, and a citizen of the city chosen by the Grandmaster.

When someone breaks the law and is not killed for it outright, they are brought before the Council of Three to argue their case and receive their punishment. It is rare for them to hand down a decision of death because those who deserve it usually meet Dira before they see the Council. Minor crimes almost always carry a fine, and if the criminal cannot pay then they must work off their fine via hard labor for the Knights. The more heinous offenses will automatically earn a term of hard labor, sometimes for the rest of their lives.

Hard labor is served at the Lykolav Mines, in the Syliran Fields, or assisting in various construction projects in Stormhold Citadel. Laborers are paid the "Laborer" wage of 2 GM/day base pay.

Major Holidays

In development


The Syliran Knights

The Syliran Knights are an order of honor-bound men and women that joined together after the Valterrian to rebuild what they considered to be civilization within the wilderness. Founders of the city of Syliras, the Syliran Knights strive to keep the ideals of the slain God Sylir alive.

Starting Out in Syliras

As a character, please note that your starting package does not include a cottage; instead, it includes a 20x20 apartment with the furniture listed in the Housing section. As it is the cheapest housing available, the apartment is situated deep within the interior of Stormhold Citadel and does not include any windows, only ventilation shaft to bring in fresh air. Each hallway is lined with torches that are kept lit at all hours of the day, allowing for light and giving residents free access to something to light their hearth from. A diagram is included below:

Locations of Interest

Please see Syliras Linkmap for a complete list of locations.

The Miza Mint

The Miza Mint is the sole producer of the main currency in Mizhar, the Miza. As part of the Syliran Knights efforts to restore civilization to the world, they created a universal currency. After the idea was accepted, the Miza Mint was created to mass produce these Mizas. The Mint is a large building that houses twenty full time, highly skilled metalsmiths and jewelers, who are carefully selected in order to keep the unique crafting process secret.

The Mint ships in several different kinds of lightweight stone and metals used to create unique blends of metals, which correspond to the area the Mizas are shipped out to. Each Miza is unique, but all carry complex engravings and a particular gnosis from Xyna, making them impossible to duplicate. The Mint is run by Corvis Natalis, a high priest of Xyna and a renowned metalsmith and jeweler.

The Tank

Breaking the law has very real consequences in Syliras.

When a person finds themselves in trouble with the law, they're taken to a large holding cell in the northern-most district. Most of the Knights refer to it as the Tank, since it's really nothing more than a large circular room with a few benches and iron bars protecting the windows and the door. It isn't meant as a permanent punishment, it is simply a place for them to await their turn before the Council of Three. Someone can remain in the Tank for anywhere from a few hours to a week, but their case will eventually be heard. However, anyone who commits additional crimes while in the Tank (such as assault or murder) is killed out of hand without the benefit of a trial.

The Ironworks

Located outside of Stormhold Citadel in Winthrop Alley, the Ironworks is the biggest forge in practically the whole of Mizahar, excluding Kalea. The gigantic forge boasts the capacity for ten forges going at once, all manned by almost fifty highly skilled metalworkers. It is run by an experienced Izur, Ros Vizerian, who keeps everything working smoothly and doesn't leave room for error. The owner of the forge also owns the humongous Lykolav Iron Mines, which makes for a very profitable business.

The Ironworks' original purpose was to supply the vast needs of the Syliran Knights, but weapons and armor aren't its only products. The forge produces anything from agricultural tools and nails to horseshoes and parts for wagon wheels. It is one of the true gems of the new surge of civilization.

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