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The Brock Family

The Brock Family is a subfaction of the First Wing Families within the Syliran Knights. They were founded by Gregor Brock, the third member of the First Wing of the Dyres Brothers.



Many men use swords, but knights ride on horseback. The family’s founder, Gregor Brock, was a knight of unparalleled horsemanship, and the best with a lance of all the original Knights, save Leon Dyres. For both of these reasons Gregor chose a fierce red stallion as his mark.


Gregor was something of a Knight-Errant before he met the Dyres brothers. He traveled the Sylira region helping people and slaying foul beasts and men. The brothers had only just decided to found the Order when they heard of him, and they sought him out, and requested that he join them. Gregor claimed that he would join their cause only if one of them could unhorse him in a joust. Leon promptly mounted up and accepted his challenge. Seven times the two tilted, and seven times both shattered their lances and remained in the saddle. But on the eighth pass Leon unhorsed Gregor, and the Knight-Errant immediately swore allegiance to their cause, becoming the third to join their Order, and the most staunchly dedicated to Syliras.


Gregor had three sons, and all three became knights. Each of his sons had several children of their own, and they all became knights. In two hundred years no Brock has NOT become a knight save one, as he was killed fighting bandits as a squire. He was knighted posthumously at the request of his father, Gregor IV.

The branch of Brocks descended from Gregor I’s youngest son, Stephon, is well known for having children out of wedlock. These bastards are always adopted, and become knights. It is sometimes whispered that the children taken in and given their name aren't truly theirs, though it's true enough they might bear the blood of Syliran Knights. Regardless of the truth of that, they are widely regarded as some of the best Knights the Order has to offer. They are proud of their family’s dedication to the Knighthood, and often point to Aquila Brock as a prime example of their loyalty.

There are twice as many Brocks as any other First Wing family.

Current High-Ranking Members

Notable current Brocks include Captain Knights Vorunt Brock and Nathan Brock, and Stewart Knights Amber Brock, Mintrel Brock, Tegan Brock, Aquila Brock, Ranurn Brock, and Miche Brock.