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Image:Scroll2.png She wouldn't kill a fly, until it pissed her off.
- Haev's Mercenary
Date of birth487 AV (aged 36)
Place of birthEndrykas
Reimancy (Earth/Water)48
Land Navigation42

Out in Rattling Chains, Caracatas makes her name as Haev Provedan's lieutenant and navigator. She is an important and integral member of the slaver group, often leading raids into the Sea of Grass. Despite her lack of fighting ability, her reimancy and navigation skills make her more than suited to the task. Just as well, her ability to manipulate the Cyphrus web, and her knowledge (and hatred) of the Drykas complement the job nicely. Without her skills, Rattling Chains would not be able to conduct raids at all.


Caracatas is small, standing at 1.6 meters and weighing just under 50 kilograms. Her golden hair hangs to her shoulders, and is roughly cut at the ends--- she does not spend much time on grooming. Though as a child she often had elaborate knots woven into her hair, no longer does Caracatas bother with such traditions. Her skin contains a similar golden-tan hue, not as pale as many humans yet not quite as dark as many Drykas can get. She often looks as if she is dazed or half asleep, going about her business with a small half smile and heavy eye lids.


Caracatas is a woman of contrast. Despite being a slaver she adheres to a code she has created (likely as a result of her Drykas heritage), that is, while short enough to be memorized, also inclusive enough to cover more than enough situations. If one examines her code of ethics, they would quickly note that it closely resembles the laws of Endrykas. Yet her allegiance has switched, and as such those that the laws apply to have also changed. When she does not feel a threat to this system of values, Caracatas is exceedingly laid back, quiet, and surprisingly arrogant. However, when a violation rears its head, her anger comes like a quick flash of lightning (i.e. lethal and fast). Yet her rage fades quickly, never lasting for long before she returns to the calmness before. Sometimes Caracatas has disagreements with Haev for his unscrupulousness, and quite often wins if she presents a properly logical point of view. However most often the two are rather close (if one could be considered close to Haev).


Raised primarily in Endrykas, Caracatas Silkspinner was a webber and reimancer in the Sapphire clan. Early on she showed much aptitude for magic, as many in her clan do. When she hit puberty proceeded to learn not only reimancy from clan members, but also webbing from her pavilion's Ankal. She was considered unruly and belligerent, believing that her magical abilities would lend her some sort of exemption from the law. She continued to push herself, becoming more proficient in her trade. It was not until eleven years ago that she finally crossed the line. After nearly destroying her pavilion in an overgiving incident, Caracatas was promptly stripped of her Drykas name and banished. Having tasted a strong dose of reality, Caracatas adopted the laws she had so often ignored (albeit in a warped manner) and has since tried to prove to the world that she can indeed live humbly and lawfully. Despite this, her pride has gotten in the way and Caracatas has no desire to return to the horseclans despite her new lifestyle. Her burning goal is to prove to Endrykas that she can follow their rules, but sure as petch doesn't need to.