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Castle Commons

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For as long as anyone can remember, the Castle Commons has been hailed as the beating heart of Sunberth. Located in the center of the city, it is a thriving marketplace that is perpetually frequented by the masses. By far, the Castle Commons is the commercial center of the city; for produce and other goods are delivered daily by farmers and sailors alike. What's more, a number of establishments have opened surrounding the market, thereby encouraging the citizens of Sunberth to flock to the Castle Commons as often as possible.


In terms of aesthetic, the Castle Commons primarily consists of several stalls arranged in several loose rows. Here, farmers and other peddlers sell their goods to the masses throughout the day. Immediately adjacent to the stalls are a variety of structures, from clothing shops to taverns, whose doors are almost always open for business. Of course, aside from the merchants themselves, there is oftentimes a pronounced presence of mercenaries within the Castle Commons. Due to the sheer volume of coin and goods present at any given time, the market is a prime target for larcenists of all sorts. As such, it is not uncommon to see merchants commissioning the services of sellswords and the like to protect their stalls and businesses.

There is no real gang presence in the Castle Commons, despite the many attempts that have been made in the past to control the territory. For many Sunberthians, the Commons are a world apart from the rest of Sunberth - warfare here would disrupt the lifeblood of the city itself. Without the Commons, many people would lack ready access to the imported food that they so desperately rely upon. In addition to the merchants that have a vested interest in keeping the Commons safe, the farmers from the nearby countryside keep themselves heavily armed and ready to stop any hint of trouble. Though caring little for the politics of the city, the farmers are grimly determined to bring justice to anyone that interferes with their business.

However, despite these measures, petty crime is rampant within the Castle Commons. With each day, all manner of predator roams the crowds in search of making a quick miza...and some are even of the violent disposition. In light of this, murder occasionally occurs within the Commons; yet those responsible are promptly dragged off to the Gallows or ran out of town. While malicious tendencies are commonplace within the Sunberth, there is a simple, well-known fact that any brigand will come to learn about the Castle Commons:

Never mess with a Sunberthian's food...or it'll cost you dearly.

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