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Sunberth is a city on the eastern coast of Mizahar, known for its lawless atmosphere.


City Overview

When first entering the city of Sunberth, the first thing you’ll notice is the lack of security. The city is completely open on all ends and lacks any kind of gate or city wall, meaning that anyone can come and go into the streets as they please, with no one stopping or checking them in any way. There is no enforcement and thugs and criminals are free to roam the street alongside the regular populace as a standard occurrence, and it’s difficult to truly tell them apart. The buildings and the population are both rugged and dirty, initially unwelcoming and cynical to outsiders who have no idea what they’re getting themselves into.

To many, Sunberth is a city of opportunity. There is no law and no public authority, which means there’s no one to stand in the way of your efforts and ideas... except the Sunberthans themselves. With their inherent mistrust of authority comes also a distrust for outsiders who are not accustomed to their ways of life, making the city a dangerous place to be as newcomers are subject to muggings and assault more often than any regular citizen. But, it’s not entirely untrue that Sunberth acts the host of untold possibility.

In Sunberth, it’s possible to pursue a wide variety of goals. Especially goals that are illegal or regarded as immoral in other cities. Gamblers, thieves, budding spies and brawlers often start their lives in Sunberth's dangerous streets. The city's fierce nature gives her people the wisdom to stay on their toes at all times, else you end up just another body in a long-forgotten alleyway. You come to Sunberth if you want a challenge in your life or just the right kind of “push” to discover your true potential. The city has no complicated philosophy to teach; just die-hard survival and opportunism.

Geography and Climate

Sunberth lies in an area of gently rolling hills that flatten out just before the shoreline. The climate is temperate, with four distinct seasons. Snow is very common in the winter, and temperatures rarely rise above freezing during the winter months. Summers are hot and humid, and daytime highs can easily exceed 100 degrees F. Scattered small farms with the occasional plantation dot the countryside. The main portion of the city is pressed against the ocean. Immediately to the northwest is a massive open pit, carved into the ground through centuries of labor. A maze of tunnels open up into it, but the area is now abandoned.

Sunberth is a former mining city, sitting on top of the old ruins of said mines with mining equipment still present in many corners of it and some of the tunnels still intact and, in fact, inhabited by citizens and critters (and the occasional ghast) alike. Because of the tunnels below, there is no real presence of cellars in any of the buildings and they stand unsteadily at best, very few actually anchored to the ground and many seeming like they could be moved with enough force behind it.

The city presents a wide variety of different styles in architecture since buildings have been built, torn down and rebuilt countless times over the years and there’s some doubt as to whether any of the original buildings still stand, save the Temple of the Unknown and the Leywellin Manor out on Lodestar Isle. Most if not all of the buildings in the city are dirty and shabby in their construction, cheap in design and make which means they’d, in an ideal world, be easier to replace if they should break down for whatever reason.

Furthermore, Sunberth is mostly flat. There aren’t very many buildings that are more than two stories tall, the occasional building at three stories towering high above the rest. The rooftops of these buildings are about as unstable as the rest and traversing the city by rooftop is risky and close to impossible unless you’re careful. Quality construction has never been much of a priority in Sunberth since the harsh seasons and the unstable environment sees them torn down eventually no matter what.

Because of the city’s lack of a static environment in that regard, the streets follow no real set pattern except for that they all seem to lead to the river at some point or another, the river becoming the main guiding point and landmark. Once you get to the river, it’s usually easy to tell which way to proceed from there. Elsewhere in the city, it’s full of narrow passageways between buildings and streets that end in dead-ends. There are a rare few wide roads that are always crowded, but the rest are really narrow passages.

On the outskirts of town, there’s plenty of old ruins of old buildings from various different periods in Sunberth’s life, especially around the mine shacks and entrances. These places are commonly said to be dangerous as both hauntings and prowling beasts inhabit them in place of the humans who were long since driven away from there, or simply stopped coming for whatever reason.


Prior to the Valterrian, Sunberth was a major mining center. Gold, silver, and other metals came from its seemingly inexhaustible shafts. It is rumored, though not confirmed, that some of Mizahar's unusual gems also came from this source. Nearly the entire population of Sunberth worked in the mines, often from long before sunrise to long after sundown. Children began working as young as five or six, and adults worked until they were physically incapable of doing so. It was a hard, dangerous, unhappy life, but there was no other employment available, and the government of Alahea wasn't interested in losing its supply of mine laborers in any case.

Sunberth was almost entirely destroyed in the Valterrian, and the remaining citizens were left largely to their own devices. These people, as well as their descendants, remember all too well the history of misery that was theirs in the mines, and indeed, the memory is in many ways their cultural identity. As such, they are violently opposed to anything or anyone that might establish another political entity capable of replicating the evils of Alahea -- and by extension, any organized entity of any kind.

However, there were several notable points in history (all Post-Valterrian) where the city fell back into its old system of being enslaved. The most recent was when the crazed wizard, Obal Causten, and his small cult of apprentices arrived in town, and with their magic, they easily destroyed the few leading syndicates and placed Obal as the supreme ruler of Sunberth. This all occurred in AV 454, and lasted for fourteen years until Ordreck Silverbeard and his son, Olsten the Giant led a rebellion against the Magic-Abusing Cult (which was known for its decline already as members fought for Obal's favor). Ordreck himself slew Obal Causten, but at the cost of losing his only son. Even today, Olsten is spoken with reverence in Sunberth among the common folk, the oppressed, and any who would seek courage and freedom. However, for most foreigners, the name Olsten the Giant means nothing.


The city has no official organization of any kind. A shifting handful of loose syndicates and powerful individuals "govern," if it can be called that, through informal agreements and handshake deals, but due to the mindset prevalent among Sunberthans, few alliances last long. There is no law enforcement, and indeed, even if there were, there is nothing to enforce.

With the lack of formal authority, people fall back on their natural tendencies to band together under the strongest or most charismatic individual in their social group who calls the shots for the runts. They form gangs who move together as an organized unit throughout the city, and some of these gangs are bigger and more influential than others. There are some gangs who are little more than thugs banding together because they found a common interest in gold and wenches, and there are others who manage to garner the interest of a larger group of people and even go as far as establishing a chain of command and a society of their own.

Currently, the city of Sunberth is divided into three primary sections by the three primary syndicates. The Daggerhand, led by Robern Dalagner, a ruthless man who is not above the execution of hundreds to keep the image of being merciless and terrible. The Sun's Birth, a self-proclaimed group of saviors to the city who were, at one point, the ex-knights of Syliras. Now the Sun's Birth has degraded to a simple group of rogue knights, or even just men who never knew knighthood, and control for their own gains. There is no single leader of this group, but rather several powerful proprietors of exceedingly successful businesses. Lastly is the The Night Eyes. The newest of the Syndicates which brought a whole new game to Sunberth. Where the previous two syndicates deal with issues brutally and with open violence, those that oppose the mysterious Night Eyes almost seem to just disappear without a trace. They are, without a doubt, the most mysterious of the syndicates.

The Daggerhands, the Sun’s Birth, and the Night Eyes gather interest with the promise of wealth, through intimidation, or just jovial recruiting techniques. Their methods are many and varied, but unquestionably effective. Many of the gangs that form in the city struggle to keep their turf and area of influence, making deals with local businesses to establish themselves and fill up the gang’s collective coffers. Once a gang grows too big, as a general rule, it starts to fall apart and lose much of that gained influence. This happened recently to two of the big three (Daggerhands and Sun’s Birth), but the gangs nonetheless continue to make their presence known in hopes of regaining some of their lost turf and influence.

However, they must always be wary as to further blacken the boiling pot of anarchy many gangs will always attempt to rise and overthrow them. Though with the main syndicates prepared for such things it would be difficult. But that's only a concern if the masses don't get them first.


The real power of Sunberth lies in the ironclad will of the people. Though they often disagree -- violently -- they are one in the sense of their utter hatred of control. In a sense, the city stands as a democracy, where the opinion of every individual is heard among the masses, albeit that opinion is more often ignored than considered. The people's voting process takes the form of large scale riots and rebellion, taking the heads of those that would dare try to control the rambunctious freemen of the city. This is, of course, only when one man or group proves to be just too oppressive or controlling to allow.

Those born, raised or long-time residents of Sunberth tend to develop a paranoid personality trait. You put the safety of yourself and your family first and you quickly learn to distrust rather than the other way around. People tell their children from an early age to keep to themselves and be careful what they say around others, breeding a secretive and suspicious population where people constantly keep an eye out for their next-door neighbours. In a city like Sunberth--if you’re not a predator, you’re prey. Everyone is taught that lesson from childhood.

Because of their suspicious nature, Sunberthians are cold towards outsiders and scoff at their naivete in secret. Outsiders are the first to fall prey to muggers or con artists in the streets as they are easy to outwit, and Sunberthans treat them accordingly. While they can be quite the jovial lot when it suits them, they prefer to keep their distance lest they be speaking to a dead man. Most would spare themselves that burden and the pain of association with the crime itself, even if the crime means nothing in their lawless society.

Due to their lack of law, Sunberthians learn to rely on the natural order of things and develop an inherent distrust for authority figures outside the city. Should a pure-bred Sunberthian journey to a city like Syliras, chances are they wouldn’t stay out of the slammer for very long due to their naturally rebellious nature. Of course, not all citizens of Sunberth are openly rebellious--most are just content with living their lives without interruption from outside forces and develop an indifference towards law enforcement.

Something that is quite unique to the population of Sunberth is their tendency to band together against threats to their freedom. Due to their history of oppression under the Alahean empire and powerful magic users after them, Sunberthians value their freedom from law and enslavement very dearly. Dearly enough to rise collectively against ideas or people who would threaten to take that away from them. It doesn’t matter who you are--threaten the freedom of the city and Her people will stand against you in unison.

Because of their past under the Alahean empire when the city was still used for the rich materials underneath, the citizens of Sunberth have developed and desperately held on to a (perhaps exaggerated) distrust of magic and everyone who uses it. Magic users in Sunberth exercise great caution when practicing their magic, if they practice it at all in the city bounds, for fear of public persecution (which has occurred before). That is not to say that magic is entirely banned in the city since there are still publicly acknowledged users, but if you play a mage in the city you should always be prepared for social backlash if your practice is discovered in any way, shape or form. When it comes to magic, Sunberthans act first and ask later.

Due to the collective distrust against all things magical, finding anyone willing to teach you magic in the city is exceedingly difficult. There is no magical literature in the city and any magic users practicing their arts within the city are most like to do it in secret. Finding a teacher is at your own risk since not all may wish to be discovered, and there’s no guarantee whatsoever that you’ll ever find one for your desired magic type.

Quality of Life

Life in Sunberth is generally harsh on the population. The buildings are of poor quality and it’s often ravaged badly with cold winters and stormy weather through the hot seasons due to its proximity to the sea. There’s a definite lack of quality healthcare, and even the healthcare that’s present is not available to everyone. Disease is a very real problem and a threat to the population every year and the death toll from disease and starvation is actually pretty high, even compared to the number of violent deaths.

Even the rich in the city live in buildings of poor to average quality, any excessive riches on display not remaining for long. You’re generally considered wealthy if you can afford to make a decent living without incident, keeping yourself fed and healthy, and anything else is excessive and not like to stay with you for long. People don’t really have a concept of great wealth in the city of Sunberth like they would in other places. Coupled with the dangerous social environment, all factors combined make the quality of life in Sunberth poor on average.

That is not to say that everyone in Sunberth lives a poor life, however. As long as they can afford to keep themselves fed, there’s plenty of entertainment available to even the poorest of citizens and there are always ways for people to make a bit of extra money on the side, even if they don’t have a solid wage or employment anywhere. Someone always needs a favour, and there are always people willing to give a bit of happiness in your life in exchange for some coin.

Housing in Sunberth is required. It's simply too dangerous to come to the city without a place to stay, but not all housing has to be permanent. There are a few places in the city where one might settle down to live; the Sunset Quarters that hosts the standard houses/apartments included in the Starting Package as well as temporary housing in a variety of different kinds of rooms for reasonable, daily fees; the Tent City for those who cannot afford a house or simply are travelling through and have their own camping equipment. There's also the Drunken Fish down by the docks that offer standard lodgings.

Economy and Business

While Sunberth is in a state of anarchy, there’s still an economy. Things have the worth that people say they have, and money is still money. While the city’s main currency is the Miza, some merchants are more flexible and accept foreign currency according to the standard conversion rates. Everything in the city has a value in gold and each and every citizen is ready to take advantage of that to make their own lives a wee bit easier.

There are many business owners in Sunberth. Everything between your honest merchants and slave traders, the people in the city deal with and endorse a wide variety of different trades with little shame or remorse whatsoever. Many who are rich in the city have their own business underneath them to pull in more money and, at the same time, see that money back in circulation as long as their lives have been made easier by their wealth. Merchants are some of the most protected people in the city, simply because they can afford to keep themselves protected from the masses. … And there are always all too many people in the crowds who’d be happy to lend their muscle for some kind of payment.

Sunberth Today

The citizens of Sunberth share a passionate hatred of governments, organization, and even of order itself. Things that have long been forbidden in many other parts of Mizahar, including gambling, growth, and sale of drugs, extortion, and even slavery, are practiced openly. Walking the streets is dangerous even for residents, and strangers take their lives in their own hands by doing so. Not, however, that this stops many people -- those drawn to danger, excitement, and thrills often find themselves in Sunberth, although they don't always leave intact.

Despite their hatred of establishment, the people of the fair city are not exempt from hypocrisy. They tolerate the various territorial syndicates and men of power due to their necessity regulating food, trade, and all the services that such a large population requires to get by. This tolerance has lead to the emergence of particular sections of power inside the city, making a few, key individuals a great deal more powerful than the rest. Yet those same industrious folk understand the ways of their people, often curbing their own enthusiasm and expansion in favor of halting city-wide riots, and certainly their own deaths. Still, it is only a matter of time before the city falls to complete anarchy or is tamed by emergent ambitions.

Within the city, there are many mysteries to be discovered, though with life being a constant struggle to simply live, very few of the residents are aware of them. Some rumors here and there have a sliver of truth, though most are simply too dated to be credibly true.

Possibly the most important fact about the typical population of Sunberth, regardless of Faction Allegiance, race, or age, is that they despise the use of magic. This hatred, or fear, tends to be greater than even most other cities in Mizahar simply because of the past struggle against Obal and his cult of magicians that managed the longest rule of Sunberth in centuries. For those that managed to see those days, and still survived to the present, magic is forbidden, and most do not hesitate to spread their hatred and fear of it to the younger generations.

Locations of Interest

The Sun's Refuge

Having been literally ousted from their home within the Gated Community, the Sun's Birth have been forced to take up residence within their final sliver of territory. This small congregation of structures is the organization's last foothold within the city of Sunberth and is poised to be the starting point of an ambitious attempt at returning to power. As a whole, the territory itself has become known as the "Sun's Refuge"; for what better words could be used to describe the Sun's Birth's last sanctuary?


The home of the Night Eyes...Although their "influence" is so obscure that many are not even aware of their presence. Within the Riverside territory is the only location in which one can talk to the Night Eyes directly.

Robern's Reaches

The home turf of the Daggerhands, the Reaches are regularly patrolled by bands of well-armed thugs. Forgetting to watch your back here is a surefire way to end up killed or worse.

The Western Heights

Formerly territory of the Sun's Birth, the Western Heights, located on the southwestern corner of the city, is home to most of Sunberth's "upscale" establishments. Currently, the area is in the process of being taken over by Sun's Birth. The area is now a point of contention between the Sun's Birth, Night Eyes, and Vigilantes.

The Castle Commons

For as long as anyone can remember, the Castle Commons, oftentimes referred to as simply "The Commons", has been hailed as the beating heart of Sunberth. Located in the center of the city, it is a thriving marketplace that is perpetually frequented by the masses. By far, the Castle Commons is the commercial center of the city; for produce and other goods are delivered daily by farmers and sailors alike. What's more, a number of establishments have opened surrounding the market, thereby encouraging the citizens of Sunberth to flock to the Castle Commons as often as possible. Due to the sheer volume of coin and goods present at any given time, the market is a prime target for larcenists of all sorts.

There is no real gang presence in the Castle Commons, despite the many attempts that have been made in the past to control the territory. For many Sunberthians, the Commons are a world apart from the rest of Sunberth - warfare here would disrupt the lifeblood of the city itself.

The Den

The Wolf’s Den is easily the most dangerous place in Sunberth, not even the Big Three maintain any sort of control over the Den. Home to the most sinister cutthroats in all of Sunberth anyone without a weapon is usually dead within seconds of entering the north-eastern portion of the city, their body used for decoration, rape, or even just looted and desecrated. Sick and deranged, the Den - as the locals call it - is the home of Dastana Nariette and her pack of wild dogs, groups of individuals renown for killing anyone for the slightest infringement on anything they consider "sacred".

The Den itself is actually a wide range of run-down buildings in solid disrepair. It borders the old mining tunnels to the north and thus makes for a dreary atmosphere, the houses all small and clumped together with whatever bindings can be found. There are no new buildings as any recent structures use material from the old architecture, low on both skill and materials. Nevertheless, the Den stands in proud defiance of its sinking nature, the inhabitants content to live in their muck. There are various "Safe Houses" located throughout the Den, areas agreed upon by the locals where you can't kill anyone - fight, sure, but death is responded to in kind by another death, often that of the idiot that broke one of the only rules in the entire damn city. These safe houses act as a gathering point for some of the more criminal elements in the city where they can discuss deals and negotiate terms for whatever it is they have in mind. The "no death" rule is off as soon as one leaves the house though, which results in individuals bringing guards anyway.

Lodestar Isle

Lodestar Isle is currently five miles northeast of Baroque Bay, and spans a length of five miles and one mile wide at its largest point. It is the only section of the pre-valterran city still above the waters, as it was separated from the syliran mainland during the quakes of the Valterran. Lodestar Isle is treated with strange reverence and dread by mainland Sunberth. It is a symbol of all that the city doesn't understand, and all that it has yet to conquer. Few dare to trespass into the ancient structures which still stand upon its surface, as many folklore, and old wives tales term the place as haunted, and not for any gods fearing person to set foot upon.

Flora and Fauna


Stone/Rainbow Rose

Dust Flower

Drowned Sailor's Casket


Sunberth Rat

Skull Crow

Parchment Moth

Snoring Toad

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