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Charm Wright

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Image:Scroll2.png "The gods create seas of suffering, but we sail through them with heads held high. The resolution inside a sailor is what gives her dignity,"
- Captain Charm Wright
Charm Wright

Charm Wright
Date of birth437 AV
Place of birthZeltiva, Sylira
Date of death513 AV (aged 76)
Place of deathDarva

Charm Wright was a Zeltivan sailor, captain, and Senior Member of the Administrative Committee of the Sailors' Guild

Early Life and Career

Charm Wright was born in Zeltiva in 437 AV, the second daughter of a shipwright and a sailmaker. Her older sister was Kenabelle Wright, the legendary captain and navigator.

Charm and Kenabelle, though separated in age by six years, were close friends. Charm idolized her older sister, although they saw less of each other after Kenabelle became a full member of the Sailors' Guild in 446.

Charm followed her sister into the Sailors' Guild, joining as an apprentice sailor in 457, at the age of 20. When Kenabelle disappeared in 459, Charm was left a sizable amount of money -- all that was not locked in Kenabelle's estate. It was more than enough to live on comfortably, but Charm continued to pursue her seafaring career. In 461, she became a full member of the Guild, and in 470, she became Captain of the trade route to Nyka.

Later life and career

In 464, Wright married a distant cousin, Joseph Wright, an administrative clerk at the Sailors' Guild main hall. They had one child, a daughter: Jocylinda Wright, born in 466.

Joseph died of a respiratory disease in 475; Wright did not remarry. She continued to captain the Nyka route until 494, when she was named Senior Member of the Administrative Committee of the Sailors' Guild. Wright held this post until 502, when she retired from public life to an estate in Zeltiva, in the foothills of the Zatoska Mountains.

In 513 AV, following a map that she had found among Kenabelle's papers, Charm led an expedition to the island of Darva. However, she mysteriously vanished while exploring the island, and is presumed dead.