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Jocylinda Wright

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Image:Scroll2.png "The human spirit dies if it cannot move."
- Captain Jocylinda Wright
Jocylinda Wright

Jocylinda Wright
Date of birth466 AV (aged 51)
Place of birthZeltiva, Sylira

Jocylinda Wright is a Zeltivan sailor, captain, and Senior Member of the Administrative Committee of the Sailors' Guild.

Life and Career

Jocylinda Wright was born in Zeltiva in 466 AV, the only child of Charm Wright and Joseph Wright. Joseph died when Jocylinda was nine, and most of her formative years were spent onboard ship with her mother, the Captain of the trade route to Nyka.

Jocylinda followed the family trade and entered the Sailors' Guild, becoming a full member in 496. She sailed for two years on the Mura run before becoming Captain in 499. However, her true talents lay not in sailing but in politics. She became a member of the Administrative Committee upon her mother's retirement in 502, and in 507, she became Senior Member.

She held this position until 512, when, in the wake of her mother's disappearance and city-wide chaos, she retired. She currently makes her home on an estate in the foothills of the Zatoskas.

Jocylinda married a fellow sailor, Ferdinand Allwave, in 491; a daughter, Teresa Wright Allwave, was born the following year.