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Watch for "Catty" Remarks

Cheshire is the snow princess of a Domain Storyteller for Avanthal and has been just that since, August 2010. She loves to play with her cuddly little Vantha and Kelvic Polar Bears who dwell in Avanthal. Most of all, she loves to give fun but tricky plots to the players who wander far enough north to visit her.


Cheshire is a human, contrary to the popular belief that she is in fact a cat. She was born in the United States in Michigan, the magical land of automobiles and rap music. She loves to sing, write, and talk endlessly about the show Dexter. She is in the top choir in her school and is a second Alto (for those who know what that is). She loves nature and animals almost religiously. She loves poetry and it can usually be found in her scrapbook when ever she writes a new poem.

Also, Cheshire is hopelessly in love with Dexter Morgan of the it TV show Dexter on Showtime. This fact should be known and treated with caution.

This coming school year Cheshire will be attending college. She wants to major in Criminology and minor in Creative Writing. Her family wants her to major in Creative Writing though.

Vital Stats

  • Age: 17
  • Sex: Female
  • Nationality: American (Irish/Russian/German)
  • Location: Michigan, USA
  • Likes: Reading, Writing, Singing, Playing with her dogs, Playing Video Games, Nature, Nice People, Dexter, Winter, Autumn, Cool Weather, Celtic Mythology
  • Dislikes: Writers Block, Mean People, Summer, Spring, Warm Weather, Squirrels