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Love's Divine Flower
TitleGoddess of Love
DomainLove, Marriage, Passion, Vows
Divine rank3
SymbolsA Rose, A perfume bottle
CultsNone known
Worshipped inThroughout Mizahar

Cheva is considered the Goddess of Love, passion, vows and marriage. Probably one of the most famous Goddesses throughout Mizahar, she's the one that is responsible for everyone knowing when a couple makes a vow to be true to only each other and join together to become one. Her famous Cheva Marks are a sign of marriage universally throughout all cultures and all races. She is equally responsible for the Lacun mark as well - the shadowy remains of an old Cheva mark over ones heart when a spouse has died or been divorced. Because of this fact, Cheva is famous and highly thought of throughout Mizahar. She is open to all sorts of relationships as well, approving of more than pairs but of trios and quartets as seen in the Drykas Culture. She does not consider gender important nor does she consider age into the equation. However, Cheva marks will not appear on someone who is unwilling or coerced. Love and true devotion must be present for the marks to manifest.

Now Cheva herself is a very personable approachable Goddess. She seems to manage to get to a great deal of weddings to mark the individuals. In fact, she must be present for marks to happen. Seen or unseen, it is simply her choice. In terms of appearance, Cheva resembles a very simple beauty with long brown hair and a soft warm smile. She often manifests to those suffering pain in the name of love and will converse with them giving comfort where and when she is able. Although she has a somewhat busy life for a Goddess, Cheva considers herself a servant of the people on par with Rak'keli or Sylir. She considers Rhaus her companion and when they both attend marriage ceremonies, often dragging Sivah along, the level of sophistication and importance increases dramatically.

Cheva's gnosis allows the mark bearer to see the connections between various people that are infused with love. These connections could be between parents and children, friends, lovers, even acquaintances. Cheva's influence, when a mark is tapped and in use, reveals an entirely unseen world to the people who bear her marks and gives them greater understanding on interpersonal relationships throughout the world.



Cheva's Appearances
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