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Coldai Xalz

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Coldai Xalz
Date of birth45 BV
Place of birthSuva
Date of death30 AV (aged 75)
Place of deathUnknown

Coldai Xalz is the listed author of the Codex of Xalz. According to this document, he was born in the now-destroyed city of Suva in 45 BV, and became a merchant or trader whose business took him throughout both Alahea and Suvan. He was one of the few people to survive the Valterrian, owing to his having been at sea during the cataclysm. The Codex was supposedly written in 30 AV, when Xalz was on his deathbed.

The Codex details a city called Sinala, which was located on the island of Akvatar. Xalz claims to have visited there several times, and dwells at length on its inhabitants, a race called the Aalsi.

There is no other mention in the historical record of Sinala, the Aalsi, or even of Xalz himself. The scholarly consensus is that the Codex is an elaborate 2nd century AV forgery, that its contents are pure fiction, and that the historical Coldai Xalz had no connection with it -- if he even existed at all. However, a few fringe theorists believe otherwise and maintain that the contents of the Codex, including the details of Xalz's life, are essentially accurate.