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This Kukri appears relatively new in construction however, when held, there is a sense that it is older than one can possible comprehend. It is 18 inches long from the end to end. The blade bares a pattern that resembles the feathering of a bird. The leather bound hilt even bears the tiny skull of a bird, this hanging on a sturdy throng.

When held, the leather-wrapped handle is always cool to the touch and the leather is soft, almost to the point that one could lose themselves in caressing it. Holding it, truly feeling it in one’s hand causes a number of feelings to literally float away as if carried off on a pair of wings.

Powers and Abilities

Corvus has the ability to transform itself into a simple leather bracelet (or small collar) with a tiny bird skull pendant. This is done at the will of the owner and feels almost reflexive.

Corvus’ primary power is that it causes the needs of eating, sleeping, drinking and breathing to no longer be necessary while in the possession of the owner. While Corvus’ owner can still engage in such activities, they are no longer required for life while the weapon is in the owner’s physical possession. Also, Corvus removes from its owner the process of natural ageing. While the person is not truly immortal, they will not worry of death from ageing while Corvus is in their possession.

History and Last Known Location

Corvus' history and how it came into possession by Nieve Glass, a Kelvic yowlwing, will be revealed through a modded thread.


Weapons of Legend
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