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Our Playground Is The Chavena Where Memories Are Never Lost Only Stored.
PopulationLess than a dozen
Most common inRiverfall
ReputationInformation Gatherers
Faction godsNysel + Any other
StrongholdThe Sanctuary

The Cytali are a mixed group of Dreamwalkers marked by Nysel and other Deities who existed predominantly pre-Valterrian throughout Mizahar. The Cytali take the search for lost knowledge to a new dimension leaving the anthropology to the explorers and adventurers and instead dig through the Chevena for lost information. Dreamwalkers search the individual Chavi within the Chavena for that which has been lost and learning it first hand from those that know by mining the memories of the past. Though most of the Cytali are gone, those in the current age who become Dreamwalkers often rediscover their Cytali roots and begin again reforming their old nexus' and gathering lost Dreamwalkers to them helping them remember who they were and who they can be again.


Becoming a Cytali

Being Cytali begins with a first step - the Nysel Mark. Nysel has no preference for how the Cytali use his gifts, being neutral, but he does have to mark a person in order for them to be able to access the Chavena they wish to mine for information. The fastest road to Cytali membership is accessing one's Chavi and discovering previous membership in the Cytali. New recruits, however, meaning those who have never held Nysel marks in past lives are welcome.

The Cytali Ranks

Preferred Races

The Cytali are open to all races. There is no racial or gender preference or disposition. Each Nexus or splinter group may have a slightly different goal or purpose sometimes putting Nexus' at odds with other Nexus'.

Ending Service

Loss of a Nysel Mark or indeed loss of life ends service.

Additional Notes

The Cytali are directly opposed by The Ruv'na which believe the Gods give humanity too much power and interfere in the lives of people everywhere way to much. They believe Dreamwalkers have too much power and go where others should not to harvest knowledge that otherwise should be lost in time. They slaughter the Cytali wherever they can uncover them, believing they threaten the security of the world.