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Are You Really Going To Let Them Interfere?
Most common inUnknown
ReputationZealots opposed to the Gods manipulating Mankind
Faction godsNone

The Ruv'na are a mixed group of people originating from the Pre-Valterrian era who feel the influence of the Gods on Mizahar is too heavy handed. They oppose any interference at all in life on Mizahar by the Deities that occupy Mizahar. To that end the Ruv'na really act like anti-god fanatics and move in any direction they can to thwart divine will. All Gods are included in their scorn, regardless of alignment or sphere of influence. The Ruv'na are always mages.


Becoming a Ruv'na

The Ruv'na Ranks

Operative Names

When folks join the Ruv'na and complete their training they are given an operative name that they go by thereafter. These names are usually one-word names that are generally shapes, colors, sizes, or objects. Upon the completion of training and the assumption of an operative name, the Ruv'na are then branded on the back of their neck with the symbol of their organization interwoven with their operative name symbol.

Preferred Races

Ending Service

Additional Notes